Engineered Collection Fragrances by Formula 1


Engineered Collection Fragrances by Formula 1 are available in five unique unisex scents created by Master Perfumers and bottle designs by Ross Lovegrove.

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Following the launch of the official F1® Collector’s Editions, that included three exclusive, limited edition, luxury art pieces by visionary designer Ross Lovegrove, at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019, Designer Parfums and Formula 1 are delighted to announce the European launch of the F1® Fragrances Engineered Collection. Five beautifully crafted, luxurious, Haute Perfumery scents capture the quintessence of Formula 1 in uniquely designed bottles, housed in impressive 3D printed exoskeletons, take F1 enthusiasts and lovers of avant-garde perfumery on an amazing olfactive journey through the exciting story of a Formula 1 race.

The F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection fuses next-generation ingredients with classic materials – resulting in innovative, daring perfumes. Inspired by the passion, advanced technology, and glamour of Formula 1, each fragrance exudes its own story about courage, performance, determination, fearlessness and victory.

The collection epitomises the roar of the engines, the tension on the grid, the bravery of the drivers and the victory celebrations on the podium, which grips over half a billion Formula 1 fans around the globe with excitement.

When it comes to our historically diverse workforce, Designer Parfums is a trailblazer in the fragrance industry. We have always ensured that our team represents our global customers, welcoming people from different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, gender identities, and sexual orientations. And we always will. We work with our fragrance suppliers to ensure the use of sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Our commitment to using renewable materials and sustainable growing and harvesting methods is at the heart of everything we do.

Dilesh Mehta
Chairman and CEO Designer Parfums

As a world-first in the fragrance industry, the F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection has been designed utilising the latest digital light synthesis 3D printing technology. Visionary Ross Lovegrove has created an intricate and stunning technopolymeric resin-based exoskeleton to house the elegant, aerodynamic fragrance bottle inspired by the elegant lines of an F1 car chassis.

Fans can choose from five sophisticated Haute Parfumerie scents, each depicting the thrills and excitement of an F1 race. Varying from classical themes to audacious options, the F1 Engineered Collection is harmoniously orchestrated by some of the world’s top master perfumers: Emilie Coppermann, Alexandra Carlin, Aliénor Massenet, Louise Turner, Fabrice Pellegrin and Pierre Gueros.

 Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications said:

“We are very excited to be unveiling the second instalment in our exclusive fragrance collection with Designer Parfums. Following the successful launch in Abu Dhabi last year we are thrilled to see the collection become available in Europe and engage with our fans through the important touchpoint of smell. The unique and daring fragrance collection embodies the sport and has been crafted to take fans on an F1 journey”

 Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums Chairman & CEO said:

“It is with great pleasure, that we are launching The F1 Fragrances Engineered Collection. Our expert team and partners have worked closely with Formula 1 to translate the passion and innovation of this global sport into a ground-breaking collection of fragrances with a unique and innovative 3D printed design.

Always agile in our approach, we have quickly reacted to the global pandemic and built a direct to consumer website allowing fans to discover the range of fragrances with a fast and direct sampling mechanism.”

 Ross Lovegrove, The Designer, said:

“Today, engineering as we have known it, is being transformed by new materials and new technologies. The Exoskeleton I have designed for Formula 1, has an organic, complex geometry that is of today and like nothing seen in the fragrance industry.

My thought behind the exoskeleton was on the one hand sustainability; to create something that hosts the fragrance bottle which can be replaced once used and re-inserted into the exoskeleton and the use of 3D print which is extremely efficient, without waste; only the forms needed are produced, much like an F1 car. On the other hand, it reminded me of the safety cell for the drivers, the monocoque, as it protects the fragrance bottle in a similar way.

For the pinnacle of motorsport, I felt the fragrance needed to be top of the line; innovative in its design, material and conception.”

 The collection includes:

 PRECIOUS METTLE – Inspired by PRE-RACE moments and the drivers’ COURAGE

A homage to the brave drivers who pioneered F1, the risk-takers with nerves of steel who put their lives on the line. Precious Mettle is a fresh, intense, woody fragrance with a metallic twist that drives the sense of courageousness. An opening accord of bracing citrus, crystallised with freshness – with the silvery, metallic quality of pink pepper and elemi. The mineral warmth of ambroxan creates a weightless body, enriched with the daring woody character of akigalawood.

 TURN 1 – THE FIRST TURN of the race where the PERFORMANCE is fierce

Capturing the scent that hangs in the air during a Formula 1 Grand Prix race, Turn 1 honour to the performance, stamina and determination of powering through the first turn, experiencing the force of the engine and emotional tension. An avant-garde composition, with inimitable accords of burning rubber and rain on salty asphalt. A vibrant top note of pink pepper and mandarin races towards deep black patchouli and leather.

 OVERTAKE 320 – The focus and PASSION to pass your competitor at HIGH SPEED

Inspired by the rush and focus experienced when overtaking on demanding corners, Overtake 320 is a warm and spicy composition that races with a fiery blend of cinnamon and bergamot. A warm and energetic contrast of metal pepper and tonka bean, fused with a surprising take on iris to bring an innovative, dynamic element that makes this classic amber entirely new. Spices and dark caramelised woods intensify the passion.

 NEEEUM WHITE – THE FINAL STRETCH, victory within grasp, with FEARLESSNESS and determination

Neeeum White is a tribute to the fearlessness of our F1 heroes as they reach the final straight. A confident fragrance with a daring cocktail of spices, contrasting hot black pepper with the coolness of juniper. In the heart, the depth of narcissus is tempered by the soft, mineral quality of orris, seamlessly transition to a rich base featuring a fusion of sleek leather and golden Tonkalactone. An audacious reinterpretation of the fougère accord.

 CARBON REIGN – VICTORY: the celebration on the podium in front of the World

Inspired by the glow of victory after an intense race, celebrated by the whole team who made winning possible. The joy of celebration captured within a vibrant and energetic scent built around a champagne accord, dry amber and woods. An effervescent opening of citrus notes is energised by the electric zing of timut pepper, leading to luminous and fresh geranium, lightened by the violet leaf and contrasted by the rich facets of sandalwood and ambrocenide.

Good Things

  • Good range, free sampling, unusual scents.

Bad Things

  • Very expensive.

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