Enjoying Formula One – Online or Offline

2019 Spanish Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

Formula One is a big event for auto racing lovers. It is watched by millions of fans worldwide. According to 2019 reports the last, two years the number of viewers of F1 has increased dramatically.

The number of people who watch Formula One on TV or on their laptops has increased around the globe. As reported, the audience from the top 20 markets has grown significantly, the countries where F1 got more popular in recent years is China (+69%), it is followed by France (+40%), Indonesia (+25%), and Brazil (+20%).

The numbers of F1 fans and followers on different social media platforms has grown as well. The total number of all social media fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has doubled compared to 2017, making Formula1 the fastest growing sport on social media platforms.

Most fans watch Formula 1 on TV or on their laptops and only a few have a chance to see it offline and attend the race. Many fans dream to get the possibility and see it live. However, is watching F1 more enjoyable online or offline? Let’s see.

Watching Formula One online
Watching Formula One online is the most common way of enjoying the race. Let’s put it straight, the only disadvantage of watching F1 at home is that you are not attending the actual event. As for the advantages, there are many of them.

See the full race
Thanks to the broadcasting you are able to see the full race and have a great view on the race track. Otherwise, when you are actually attending the F1 race you are only possible to see the certain points of the race track and wait for the cars to make a full lap to see them again. So instead of standing there and waiting you can sit on your sofa and enjoy the full view.

Enjoy it as you like it
Watching F1 online gives you the opportunity to enjoy the race as you like it. Do you like to watch it alone with some of your favorite snacks? Or with friends? Do you like to make comments every other second? You can do all you want when you are watching it offline and enjoy it fully.

Save money
You will definitely save a lot of money if you choose to watch F1 online. You have to buy a flight ticket, arrange the accommodation and by the admission ticket which can be from 200 USD to 7000 USD and in most cases, you will still have to watch the race on the giant screen. How many other things you can do with this money? You decide, but you can use some portion on it on betting.

Bet online
Betting for F1 is very popular. As you can see here most of the betting websites offer customers to bet on F1. Betting on the race adds more excitement to your watching experience when you bet the money you are allowed to bet without feeling scared of losing it. Since F1 is getting more and more popular it is expected that many betting sites will offer this opportunity. If you do it correctly and luck will be on your side as well you can enjoy the race and make some money as well.

Watching F1 offline
Attending Formula One race has its own advantages as well, after all, it is a lifetime experience. It’s not just going and seeing the race when attending F1 but it is a whole event you can enjoy in many different ways. You watch the on-track action, there is live entertainment, food, and beverages you enjoy and many more. Moreover, you are surrounded by the fans of F1 and can enjoy the vibe of car racing. While watching F1 online is so comfortable if you ever have an opportunity to get the first-hand experience you should not refuse it and go there at least once in your life.

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