Espresso Veloce Coffee Maker


The seductively-named Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio V12 is a half-scale engine block and is forged from the very same materials used to create the real deal – namely titanium, stainless steel and aluminium.

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Little details like the dyed cylinder tips will get petrol heads’ heart’s racing more than the caffeine-laced cups of coffee that they’ll consume from it, and it’ll be the pride and joy of any kitchen that it graces.

If space is an issue then you’ll be glad to hear that there are also some V10 and V8 versions in the pipeline, which will mercifully be a little more ‘affordable’.

Paolo Mastrogiuseppe a designer and visionary of Italian heritage worked closely with his father and younger brother in a precision engineering machine shop manufacturing safety-critical components for the mining, automotive and earthmoving industry in South Africa.

90’s era, formula one inspired engine-artground coffee, capsule type espresso maker with grappa dispenser

A multi-disciplined mechanical engineer who, in the best Italian tradition now handcrafts beautiful yet functional mechanical art devices and with his unique machine designs and Avant-garde attitude his dream is to create unique collectible masterpieces to be passed on from generation to generation.

The high-end, functional mechanical art devices incorporate high tech materials, engineering excellence and craftsmanship providing clients with bespoke masterpieces of superior quality.

The Atelier offers custom color combinations for each SerieTitanio allowing the discerning enthusiast to create a truly individual, significant works of art.

Thanks to an aerospace-spec anodizing process, the color options may be applied to virtually any part of the ‘engine’ while a unique serial number may be specified – subject to availability.

Price: from 13,000.00

Available at Super Veloce website.

DESCRIPTION Single Serve, Ground Coffee Capsule type Espresso maker with Grappa Dispenser
DIMENSIONS Length 380 mm x Width 420 mm x Height 340 mm

Components Manufactured in: Anticorodal 6082 & 6061/T6 alloy – Stainless steel 316 Ti& 304

Engine V Block: Anodized Natural Alloy

Cylinder Heads: Anodized Bright Silver

Cam Covers: Anodized Alloy to customer specification in color options: Red, Blue,Orange, Gunmetal, Gold and Black

Base Plate: High Pressure Thermoset Carbon Fibre (2×2 Twill), Hand laid 180 Degree Horizontal.

INPUT VOLTAGE 110 – 120 or 220 – 240 Volt


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