F1 Carbon Fiber Lounge Chair


The best pieces of art are jaw dropping at every angle, and the F1 Carbon Fiber Lounge takes its cues from the speed and sleekness of the track. Inspired by some of the world’s most breathtaking and exotic cars, this is a chair that seems to hum with the purr of a Ferrari engine and seems to fit your body like a pair of Fratelli Orsini driving gloves. Completely customizable in endless finishes and adaptable to your brands request and design mantra.

Designed for

Aficionados of the automobile industry, those who want something that captures their imagination at every angle, those who live in a five dimensional world, and those who seek something sleek and sexy to be a part of their world.


Full Exposed carbon fiber weave
Exposed backside carbon fiber weave
Satin or gloss clear coat over carbon
2 piece design with stainless steel base
Automotive Paint Color to sample
Embossed or molded Corporate Logo
Backrest redesign for your brands automotive identity
Molded Leather cushion for seat and backrest to client specification

Technical specification


43.5 long, 24.25 wide, 17 high

Price: TBC

Available from: Philip Caggiano


The Breakdown


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