Factor Vis Vires Dura-Ace Bike


The Factor Vis Vires Dura-Ace has won a GOLD iF Award at the 2013 Eurobike show. The iF judges evaluated a total of 496 entries from 30 different countries. 61 of the products were chosen to receive the Eurobike Award 2013. Only ten entries received a prestigious Gold award for outstanding achievement in design and innovation – Factor’s Vis Vires Dura-Ace won Gold in the Racing Bike category.

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Here is what the judges had to say:

This racing bike is impressive in its well-thought-through details: the solution for the fork stem, the separated down tube and the integrated mounting. In addition, both brakes are integrated and it is possible to measure differentiated performance (left and right leg). The Factor Vis Vires Dura-Ace really is an extraordinary racing bike.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the Factor Vis Vires, now might be your first chance. The company recently announced that a first and limited edition run of 100 Vis Vires Dura-Ace models will be offered on their newly available web store. Marking the first production run of Factor’s more traditional (if you can call it that) road bike, each bike will feature a special marking on the top tube denoting the official number as it came off the line along with a certificate to hang on your wall, or in your office.

The Factor Vis Vires is fast, accurate, and visually stunning, boasting a radical design that makes all but its most sophisticated competitors look generic. This bike also comes with a Garmin 810 bike computer (and heart rate strap) and Scicon AeroComfort bike travel bag. You could actually argue that it’s a good value at this price.

Additionally, Factor states that buyers for the first 100 bikes will become a member of the “Factor 100 Club” and will be invited on an “extra special journey to perfect your ride.”

Price from 9,999.00

Available from: factorbikes.com

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