My Fantasy F1 Team: Stephen Camp


We turn to one of our own contributors and friends, Mr Stephen Camp, to share his fantasy Formula 1 set with us. Stephen is a truly dedicated and insightful motorsport journalist and blogger, so we were eager to read his choices!

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The drivers

I’d like to mix drivers that have pure speed, dedication and the capacity to have fun and show tenacity on the race track.

The two drivers I’d pick would be Gerhard Berger and Fernando Alonso. Berger knew what it meant to relax and have fun while in job whilst he was a fast race driver. Alonso is one of the fastest of his generation of drivers and in his later years has learned to relax and enjoy the lighter side of things.

On the track both can be devastatingly fast and daring in their moves on the track, doing whatever it takes to win.

With a black and lime green colour scheme, any sponsors would be welcome on the car.

The designer

There have been many great designers over the years to choose from and makes this one of the most difficult decisions, but overall I’d simply have to go for Adrian Newey.

Newey knows how to exploit the regulations to its limit without breaking them, he is also still the only Formula 1 designer that still draws and designs by hand, a remarkable talent. Cars that he designed have won 11 constructors’ championships since 1991, a tremendous achievement, having Newey on board will no doubt turn any car into a winning racing machine.

The Team Principal

If I wasn’t going to put Ross Brawn as a designer, I’d certainly make him a Team Principal; his ability to manage and react with precision is second to none. Being able to bring a team together, focusing on the current issues as well as future ideas and possibilities with incredible foresight is well renowned.

Such a great figure with all of his skill sets makes for the ideal Team Principal.

The team owner

Frank Williams without a shadow of a doubt. His health issues have never stopped him from his work during his 40-year career in Formula 1. His will to win is immeasurable, doing whatever it takes to ensure his team continues to fight, even through the leaner years of success, his passion continues to spur him and the team forward.

The car

I’d have to say the FW14B. It’s one of the most technically advanced cars Formula 1 has ever seen, active suspension developed and designed by Paddy Lowe in conjunction with the design by Newey and an engine by Renault that really helped see them dominate the 1990s. The FW14B is still to this day a defining specimen of what was truly possible at the time in Formula 1.

The sponsor

With a black and lime green colour scheme, any sponsors would be welcome on the car. The scheme to me would be important as it’s not really been seen in the sport before and would be an identifying mark for the team, something to build from and really stand out from the others.

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