My Fantasy F1 Team: Theo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis

A very interesting businessman, a TV personality and a sincere Formula 1 fan Theo Paphitis gives the Paddock magazine his own Formula 1 fantasy set.

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Team owner

Enzo Ferrari would be my team owner as he set the standards for Formula 1 in one of the most flamboyant eras of F1 history. The mystique of his leadership and passion is still what makes Ferrari the team everyone in the world knows, to the point that it is Ferrari first and Formula 1 second…

Team Principal

For this specific role, I would pick Martin Whitmarsh, who steered the ship for McLaren through a period of success that not many teams and operations can come close to. Perhaps in many ways, he was not given credit where credit was due for the team’s winning ways in those glory years. A good communicator and visionary guy, fitting the role of Team Principal to a tee!

Perhaps in many ways, he was not given credit where credit was due for the team’s winning ways.

The drivers

Senna is the only choice for me, I’m afraid. In recent years of modern Formula 1, no one even came close on a Sunday afternoon, and to this day Ayrton’s special laps in qualifying are the stuff made of legends and tales to be talked about.

The car

FW14B Williams, which without a doubt is one of the most complete cars ever to take to the track. It was also cutting-edge in terms of design and was performing brilliantly during its reign.

The designer

I choose Adrian Newey for his most inspiring Formula 1 design concepts that many have tried to copy over the years. Adrian’s attention to detail and understanding of a race car and its dynamics have taken Formula 1 design to levels not seen before.

 Title sponsor/the livery

Marlboro and the red & white Chevron livery have dominated our screens for years and even with tobacco advertising banned it’s still in our minds and will be associated with Formula 1 for many years.  It was the full-colour scheme of the McLaren or the Marlboro branding on the Ferrari cockpit side and the driver’s name that is still stuck in my mind.

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