Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider – Tailored for the Select Few


The design of the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider’s interior sees it split into three different levels: the first, dominated by the upper part of the dash, continues around to blend into the door panel trim. Next is the central area, while the third includes the footwells and seats. Each level is clearly defined, heightening the dual-cockpit effect through the colour and material combinations. These are used to create either an elegant or sporty look for the seats and other features. Ferrari’s signature luxury and performance are flanked by the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider, focusing on environmental sustainability: extensive use of sustainable materials such as Alcantara©, which contains 65% recycled polyester. 

The interior style is inspired by the Prancing Horse’s dual-cockpit architecture. In recent years, that layout has been used for the Ferrari Roma, the Roma Spider, and the Ferrari Purosangue. The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider’s cabin has an almost symmetrical structure comprising two modules for driver and passenger and offers an astonishing standard of comfort and involvement in the driving experience. 

The dashboard extends horizontally, underscored by a clear separation between the upper section’s trimmed volumes and the lower section’s technical functions. The upper section features two distinct binnacles dedicated to the driver and passenger instrumentation and the climate control vents. A deftly elegant colour and material change draw the eye to the two volumes separated by the body of the dash, which seem almost to float, further enhancing the feeling of lightness in this area. 

The panels of the central tunnel extend outward from the dashboard geometries as if they were almost an extension of the latter. The trimmed area features a sizeable sculptural gash emphasised by contrasting materials. The armrest is in the trimmed area of the tunnel and extends into the medallion area, revealing contrasting metallic edging that creates an elegant intersection between the volumes. The side section of the tunnel itself has been scooped out, again recreating that floating feeling. The tunnel structure is trimmed with exclusive upholstery and features a Y-shaped metal element into which the iconic shift gate is set. 

Unlike the Ferrari 12Cilindri, the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider has no rear bench, as the rear zone of the cabin is used to stow the retractable hard top. However, the solution chosen for the roof system still leaves plenty of space in the cabin, and the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider is a versatile car suitable even for long journeys. 

The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider introduces a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) comprising three displays that raise the Ferrari V12 Berlinetta onboard experience to new heights. All of the main functions can be controlled from the central 10.25″ touchscreen capacitive display, which is within reach of both the driver and passenger. This is flanked by a 15.6″ driver display showing all of the driving and vehicle dynamics information. Lastly, the passenger is always wholly involved in the driving experience thanks to an 8.8″ display that ensures they feel like a genuine co-driver. 

All the latest models in the range feature a capacitive steering wheel with indented buttons for ease of use. This means command activations are more precise, instant, and intuitive, even in sporty driving conditions. The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider comes with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®-based mobile connectivity systems as standard, both easily controlled from the new central display. A wireless charging mat on the central tunnel (as standard) makes phone charging simple, too. 

The Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider’s high-end audio system, developed in collaboration with Burmester®, is available as an optional extra. It comprises 15 loudspeakers and unleashes a massive 1600 W for a genuinely unprecedented in-car experience at any volume and speed. The high frequencies are crystal clear and sparkling, thanks to Ring Tweeter technology, which minimises distortion. The powerful dual-coil subwoofer guarantees a wonderfully full, rich sound, which, thanks to Ultraflat Headliners, is all part of a 360-degree listening experience. 

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