Ferrari partners with private jet firm VistaJet


Leading private jet charter provider VistaJet has partnered with Ferrari for the 2019 F1 season. The company is now the official supplier of private jet travel for the Ferrari team, helping to ensure they arrive for each race in optimal condition.

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So, why is this partnership significant and what does it mean for the 2019 F1 Ferrari team?

Sharing common values

Both VistaJet and Ferrari share the same common values, which ultimately helped to seal the partnership. Innovation, improved efficiency and technology are the key goals both companies continually work towards.

Interestingly, VistaJet’s chairman and founder, Thomas Flohr, knows all about the world of racing after coming in at a second place in the Le Mans 24h 2018. This means he knows all about the pressures of the industry.

How will the partnership affect the future of racing?

Private jets certainly aren’t new to the F1 scene. In fact, the industry has been a part of the F1 sector since the 1950s. Helping to transport drivers and their corresponding teams to their racing destinations, private jets are seen as crucial for helping drivers to rejuvenate before their next race.

With VistaJet, drivers will be able to book a private jet in accordance with their own schedules. This means they won’t need to try and fit in their training schedule around flight schedules. Another benefit is that they’ll also be able to easily transport all of their equipment and belongings without worrying about them going missing.

vistajet and ferrari

This latest partnership between Ferrari and VistaJet could spell great things for the future. As well as offering luxury, comfortable transportation, VistaJet could also provide valuable insights into the F1 sector. Working together with the technician teams, they could unite to improve the technology and help to make the event eco-friendlier.

Highlighting growth opportunities

The partnership between Ferrari and VistaJet shows the potential for growth opportunities between cross-sector partnerships. Ferrari won’t be the only one to benefit, as VistaJet could also see the number of F1 drivers using its services, significantly increase. It is a mutually beneficial partnership, which will help both companies to reach their goals.

Whether the two companies will work together to improve efficiency within the industry is yet to be seen. However, the potential is certainly there. VistaJet has already been a firm supporter of eco-friendly projects such as One Tree Planted, so it could potentially help the F1 sector become more environmentally friendly.

Overall, this new partnership is exciting for F1 fans. It means the drivers will arrive at each race feeling rejuvenated. It will also be exciting to see what the two companies can do to improve both sectors by working together.

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