Ferrari T350 Headphones by Logic 3


When you think of Ferrari, you don’t naturally think of household goods like headphones and speakers. Rather, you envision fast cars with sleek designs. However, Ferrari has been molding the company to be reminiscent of more than just cars. Think of Ferrari as a lifestyle brand, with a ton of merchandise offerings outside of cars: clothing, luggage, sporting equipment and office accessories. Step in Logic 3 and its lineup of audio equipment, specifically the beautifully designed Ferrari Cavalinno T50 Audio Headphones.

The Ferrari Cavallino T350 headphones by Logic3 exude Ferrari elegant design. Not the clean lines and muscular external design but rather the luxurious, leather wrapped, plush feel of the Italian sports cars. Save for the galloping horse, which gives it the elegance it deserves, the branding isn’t too obvious.

If you’re looking for a head-turning design that backs up its luxurious looks and comfort with sweet sound, the Ferrari Cavallino T350s will make you very happy!

The luxurious look and feel the T350 evoked when pulled from their case was replicated via an equally luxurious fit. The soft leather ear pads caressed our ears and the creamy tan headband felt as soft and posh on the head as it did in our hands. Where fit and finish is concerned, you can register no complaint.

The Ferrari Cavallino T350s are an impressive marriage of style and substance. Not only do these headphones ooze sophistication, they offer just as good, if not better, audio quality. They’re also supremely comfortable to wear.

Price:  251.00
Available from: official Ferrari store

Good Things

  • Beautiful leather design; Excellent audio quality; Great noise cancellation; Comfortable.

Bad Things

  • Requires two AAA batteries; Can't listen without power.

The Breakdown


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