FIA and AlphaTauri sign a partnership agreement


In the first partnership of its kind, the FIA and AlphaTauri joined forces, welcoming them as their official clothing partner.

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Over this significant three-year partnership, AlphaTauri will equip all FIA staff with clothing and accessories, redefining how style and convenience intertwine with the world of motorsport. AlphaTauri will also be the official partner of the prestigious FIA Prize Giving Ceremony. This strategic collaboration aligns two organizations that are deeply committed to innovation.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA President, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating:

The FIA has always been a pioneer in leveraging technology and innovation to enhance the world of motorsport. Our staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety and success of motorsport events worldwide. This partnership with AlphaTauri enables us to bring comfort and style to our FIA clothing range. AlphaTauri’s innovative approach and dedication to fashion make them the perfect partner.

Ahmet Mercan, CEO of AlphaTauri, said:

Becoming the official clothing partner of the FIA is a fantastic opportunity for AlphaTauri to continue showcasing how innovation and technology can be seamlessly integrated into fashion. This partnership is a significant step, and we are proud to equip the FIA staff with our products, which reflect not only our commitment to style but also our dedication to enhancing convenience through our designs.

The partnership between FIA and AlphaTauri represents a fusion of automotive technology, high fashion, and the pursuit of excellence. It will transform the way FIA staff experience their roles while ensuring they maintain a distinctive and stylish presence.

About AlphaTauri:

AlphaTauri is the game-changing fashion enterprise founded by Red Bull, fearlessly redefining the very essence of apparel. Driven by an unwavering commitment to push boundaries and redefine possibilities, AlphaTauri combines contemporary design with cutting-edge textile innovations and technologies, setting new standards in the industry.

As an integral part of the Red Bull family, AlphaTauri infuses the world of sports excellence with aesthetics and style, reinforcing the brand’s core values, its unwavering dedication to innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

AlphaTauri continues to influence and inspire both athletes and fashion enthusiasts, bridging the gap between style and technology with a unique and compelling vision, elevating fashion to new levels of comfort and performance, and adding value to both body and mind.

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