Five Ways To… protect a race

Protect a race – Jochen Braunwarth

Protect the race: in motorsports, there have been many innovations to improve safety in cars and gear. However, the safety level of a race depends on a high degree not on the track – but on the boundaries. Jochen Braunwarth, manager motorsport from the Swiss company Geobrugg, coordinated and implemented high-end debris fence systems at famous stationery and temporary racetracks around the world and provides us with five interesting aspects about safety for race circuits. Actually, he is certain that the world needs seven tips, not five, so here are Jochen’s seven ways to protect a race.

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Look ahead: Accidents happen – it is only a question of time. Make sure that you did not safe money at the wrong place. Reliable debris fence systems are in the best interest of the racetrack operator, the spectators and first of all: the reputation of the racetrack.

Never compromise on safety: whether you are operating a grass-root racetrack or a Formula 1 circuit – the spectators want to enjoy racing in a safe environment. That’s why we, so far the only company, invested money in testing debris fence systems, especially for high-end motorsports. The results lead to an improved system which was tested under the supervision of the FIA Institute. Hence we are able to supply various systems which guarantee you do your best to secure the main revenue stream. 

Global expertise, local presence: to protect spectators along a racetrack from the design to the realisation of the whole system is more complicated than it appears at first glance. Therefore, it’s important to consult a global player with a local presence, so we always stay close to our customers if there are questions coming up.

Take time pressure into account: count on that – decisions on investments really take time. If you have a deadline and need material urgently, you will learn to appreciate a partner with “reaction resources”. We ensure the timings of our customers with our global operation network. Local production on all continents in combination with a reliable supply chain is what allows us to realise large projects in a short time.

Decisions on investments really take time. If you have a deadline and need material urgently, you will learn to appreciate a partner with “reaction resources”.

Quality keeps a level head: high-quality standards ensure that the installed system does not need to be replaced for a long time. Even maintenance is not necessary with our systems, circuit operators can use their energy and workforce in other areas.

State-of-the-art safety: circuit operators want to get more value for their investment, obviously. That’s why it’s highly rated that we are the only company providing detailed installation and layout drawings. This is not only tremendously important for the planning of the installation – it helps a lot for getting the system installed properly. 

Keep your safety set-up flexible: if you are going to spend money, it should always be spent wisely. For example, we offer basic debris fence systems, which provide a high safety level, but the performance can be upgraded at a later date easily if your performance requirements rise. Strategies like that save valuable resources and, most importantly, time.

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