Five Ways To… run a successful whisky club


The Monte Carlo Whisky Society is the first collaborative venture in the Principality of Monaco to promote Scottish heritage and culture through the appreciation of fine whisky, with the support of the Monegasque and Scottish governments. The aim of this club is to bring together men and women who are either connoisseurs of whisky or who wish to explore some of the world’s most remarkable whiskies whilst enjoying the finest gourmet and cultural experiences. Anita di Sotto, a wonderful head of operations and Secretary-General of the club, give us five hints on running a successful whisky club in Monaco.

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A whisky club, on the surface, might just seem like an excuse for any run of the mill human being to get drunk without feeling socially excluded. However, once you dig deeper you might just find that there is more to a whisky club than meets the eye. A whisky club is a church, every town needs one to keep the people spiritually enlightened and out of trouble.

These are my five MUSTS for the best whisky club in the world:

  • Great whisky

That’s understandable. When you’re dealing with the most respected experts, it’s easier.

  • Great people

Not only professional but also friendly-and-noble-of-a-kind.

  • A cosy pub

One of the most crucial points, I couldn’t stress it more.

  • Good banter

Not so friendly-and-noble-of-a-kind people all the time – everyone needs criticism.

  • A safe ride home

Responsibility is a big part of having fun. If there’s no former, the latter can’t exist.

What more could you ask for? Slanthe!

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