Five Ways To… scintillate your time on the French Riviera


By Natalia Langsdale | Even as temperatures start to cool down and the hordes of tourists ebb away to let the beauty of the French Riviera glisten in the Indian summer sunshine, it is never too late to consider using this vast playground for the best luxury toys ever to have made a mark on the dazzling Côte d’Azur.

  1. Private jet

Be it booked as a charter or yours, having that peace of mind of stepping on and off at your own convenience is the epitome of luxury. If you’re travelling as a couple, the latest Cessna Citation M2 or Embraer Phenom 100 is your best call with small size and great capability. Or if it’s a few more people, then the Embraer Legacy 450 with its generously-sized cabin shouts out the loudest for bringing you safely from A to B. Accommodating a larger group of people and with greater range, the Gulfstream G650 offers all of this, along with elegant and stylish ramp-presence.

Flying into the Riviera is a real feast for the eyes. Leave the blue skies and clouds above and your descent takes you down to a different shade of blue – an azure so inviting with specks of luxury yachts that immediately get your pulse racing on all the line-up of things to do when you’re down on the French Riviera.

  1. Helicopter

You are now on the ground and the question is, do you fly helicopter or do you drive to your next destination? As they say, luxury is a matter of taste so either option is befitting but personally to be whisked away high up to admire the coastline is a must. Nothing beats a quick escapade into the rolling hills bordering Provence to do a spot of wine tasting at the likes of Château Minuty’s 70 Ha domain on the remarkable site in the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Just a stone’s throw away from the helicopter airport at Grimaud, indulge in a private wine tasting with the Matton-Farnet family who own the estate for three generations. A one-to-one VIP degustation can be organised in advance by one of Europe’s largest wine cellars, Wine Palace Monte-Carlo. Make sure to take up on their offer if you are a keen wine aficionado! If you are in Nice, it will take you a mere 20 minutes by helicopter or if you’re already in Monaco, you could hop into Monaco Heliport and have Monacair (scheduled flights every 30 minutes) or Azur Helicoptere fly you over in just over 25 minutes!

  1. Sports car

If the thought of leaving your passion for a sports car behind as means of travel is too much to bear, then why not go full-throttle and become a member of Lugaci DriveTime! Head back from the endless vines and “je ne sais quoi” life to the glitz and glamour in a tremendous vehicle courtesy of the exclusive car-as-a-service company allowing you to have the right car for the right purpose waiting for you every day in more than 80 locations worldwide. Or even better, reminisce the dolce vita life of the 1960s and get a Morgan EV3 or Pagani Huayra to enjoy the indecent pleasures of twists and turns with a lunch stop over at the infamous Club 55 in St Tropez.

Late afternoon, after a generous lunch made up of the freshest seafood and endless views of the glistening and beckoning sea, regain your car and gradually, like the unveiling of a scene in a famous movie, leave the pink rocks and ruggedness behind to approach the familiar smells of the Mediterranean pine trees and gusts of sea breeze as you take the Moyenne Corniche into Monaco to enjoy its lush offerings.

  1. Yacht

There is no better way to admire the beauty of the Riviera than on the comfort of a super yacht. If you’re visiting not during the Grand Prix season, then remaining berthed in the port Hercule overlooking the track is no longer such a necessity. Think moonlit romantic dinners “tête à tête” admiring the mesmerising sights and twinkling lights of the shore, or cruising to the likes of Cannes for a spot of retail shopping along the millionaire strip of La Croisette, or even anchoring off the islands off Cannes and enjoying an authentic lunch reminiscent of the Greek islands at La Guerite. The best spot for anchorage in my opinion is by the Cap Estel for its ultimate serenity and close proximity to the likes of Monaco or Villefranche sur Mer, or completely the opposite way towards the Parc National des Calanques with its crystal clear waters. Stay on board and enjoy luxuries like an 18-person glass bottomed Jacuzzi on the 70-metre motor yacht Sherakhan.

  1. Power boat

Travelling to and from the coast or your friends’ yachts requires you to arrive in style, and nothing beats the likes of a power boat like a VanDutch – it combines luxury, speed, ultimate performance, award-winning design, latest technologies and immaculate quality. With two cabins that can comfortably accommodate 20 people, at 30-35 knots you are in St Tropez in just 90 minutes from Monaco! The party of the season has got to be Leonardo di Caprio’s annual Foundation Gala and live auction in St Tropez.

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