Five Ways To… run an incredible race

Katja Heim

KHP is an integrated marketing communications agency that specialises in motorsport, in particular Formula 1, developing and implementing strategic concepts for some of the world’s most famous brands, races and teams. The agency has pioneered many of the ways that people experience sports, not only live but across a range of channels, many of which have become widely adopted today. Katja Heim, CEO of KHP, gives us five tips on running a remarkable Formula 1 race.

Give drivers and riders a real challenge on track in their cars or on their bikes and thereby turn them into advocates of your venue.

  1. Optimise the location
    For a brand new race, pick a track location that is easily accessible. Whether it is a city-centre street race or a purpose built circuit, make sure everyone who will go can arrive and leave easily – traffic issues generate the same negative responses anywhere you go in the world, so make sure everyone can access and leave the circuit easily and quickly.
  1. Know your audience
    The adage “build it and they will come” does not apply in the 21st century, so before any of the planning stages start, make sure you know who your customers are going to be – from hardcore fans who will fill the stands to the high-rollers who will keep the champagne flowing in hospitality – know them and then focus on how to talk to them.
  1. Get new advocates
    Give drivers and riders a real challenge on track in their cars or on their bikes and thereby turn them into advocates of your venue. Take Circuit of The Americas as an example – they have taken inspiration for their track layout from some of motorsport’s most famous corners and that leads to every driver who races on the USA’s Formula 1 circuit talking in glowing terms about COTA and Austin in general. This advocacy generates positive media coverage, which, in turn, will increase commercial revenues.
  1. Get solid ambassadors
    Ensure every single person who works on track knows they are ambassadors for your venue and its events. Race attendees don’t know if they’re approaching a senior manager or a part-time assistant to ask where the nearest bathrooms are, but they will know that if they have a positive experience with every member of staff they interact with, they are much more likely to return in future.
  1. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)
    Work collaboratively, not in isolation. Circuits can be guilty of working from event to event as their calendar works its way through the year, but it is vital that they are embracing all their stakeholders as early as possible in the event planning process. Talk to teams, talk to sponsors, talk to suppliers, media, VIPs and the person who will wave the chequered flag! Make sure you use the combined decades of experience, knowledge and contacts that are available to you and you will be tapping into a resource that will prove invaluable – year in, year out.

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