Formula One 2021 season preview

Williams Racing

Team partners & suppliers

Sofina, Lavazza, Acronis, Versa, Financial Times, Ponos, Symantec, Bremont, Pirelli, Iqoniq, PPG, Umbro, OMP, Thales, Zeiss, B&R Industrial Automation, Precision Hydration, Nexa3D & Crew Clothing.

Team Principal & Drivers

Jost Capito

Jost Capito

George Russel

George Russel

Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi

Williams has had a terrible few years, a team so used to winning struggling to even get a point. The team has now been taken over and is no longer run by the Williams family, who will be sadly missed on the F1 paddock. We wish you all well.

Can they lift themselves off the bottom of the pile? Well last year they improved immeasurably, it may not have seemed like that because they were still struggling at the back, but the gap between themselves and the midfield teams was reduced by quite a large margin, another jump like that on their rivals will see them fighting in the midfield.

The winter has been great, and I was able to enjoy some time off which was needed after such an intense year. We have since resumed training and been back in the simulator conducting all of the necessary work ahead of the season. The change of ownership and management is really exciting for Williams and there is a lot of positivity at the factory.

George Russell
F1 Driver for Williams Racing

There is no doubting that they have one of the hottest talents in Formula One in George Russell, he proved that with his cameo in Lewis’ car last season. Should he be fighting at the back of the grid? You would probably argue that he shouldn’t, however, he is learning his racecraft.

He pulled off some amazing moves even in a poor Williams car, becoming known as Mr Saturday among my media peers. He managed to drag every inch of power from that Williams to get himself into Q2 on a number of occasions when he really shouldn’t have been able to. Nicholas Latifi is a good partner for George but Latifi’s talents seem to go unnoticed because of who he is up against. It’s like putting a League Two football team up against Manchester City every week.

Can Williams get among the midfield pack this season? I hope so because it is so sad seeing a team like Williams struggling. Perhaps 2022 is their time to come back, someone has to, I keep saying it, but it’s true.

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