Formula One 2021 season preview

Red Bull Racing

Team partners & suppliers

Red Bull, Puma, Tag Heuer, Rauch, Pirelli, Therabody, Iris, Gold Standard, Alphatauri, Honda, Mobil 1, Esso, AT&T, Citrix, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, DMG Mori, Hexagon, Ansys, PWR, OZ Racing, Sabelt, Inter, Telcel, Claro, Precor & Oura.

Team Principal & Drivers

Christian Horner

Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez

Now here is an interesting line-up, for the first time Red Bull have looked outside of their own programme (or academy) and taken on a driver who had proven themselves at a rival team. Sergio Perez comes fresh from a great season at Racing Point.

Why have Red Bull done this, well the answer is simple really, in order to promote Max Verstappen closer to the drivers’ championship they needed a driver who would push him all the way. That is what they have got with Sergio Perez, a fantastic driver who has already got many podiums under his belt. Last season Red Bull had Alex Albon, whilst there is no doubting his talent, it was never quite enough to either push Max a little harder or worked as a rear gunner for him.

If Red Bull is to win championships then they need two drivers producing the goods, bringing home a tally of points every race. The thing is, have they gone too far with Sergio? I rate the Mexican, I believe he has the racecraft needed to consistently win races if he was given the right car, so a rear gunner for Max, or a rival for him?

It’s always great to see a new car hit the track for the first time and to see the drivers get their first laps in.

Christian Horner
Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

If any team is going to come up with something magic on their car, that team would be Red Bull, they have Adrian Newey, perhaps the most cunning, yet intelligent engineers in the history of the sport. He knows downforce like a child of 15 knows what a square is, he can find you milli-seconds that can push that Red Bull ahead of the Mercedes. They are also the kings of development, so whilst everyone starts to think about the next season, Red Bull continue to work on their current car too, hence why in recent seasons their wins have been towards the end of the season.

As this season is more or less an extension of 2020, Red Bull could come out of the blocks firing on all cylinders, and they have the drivers to achieve the success too. Will they have enough to beat Mercedes, probably not but Lewis Hamilton’s dream of closer racing will likely come true from race number one. Prediction for the Bahrain race at the end of March is a 1,2,3,4 of Mercedes and Red Bull, but in what order? Well, that is anybody’s guess.

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