Formula One 2021 season preview

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

Team partners & suppliers

Alfa Romeo, ORLEN, Adler Pelzer Group, Acer, Built for Athletes, Carrera, Singha Beer, Additive Industries, Iqoniq, Iveco, Livinguard, Marelli, Mitsubishi Electric, Pirelli, Save the Children, Sparco, Walter Meier, Zadara, AB Dynamics, Brütsch Rüegger & Riedel.

Team Principal & Drivers

Frédéric Vasseur

Frédéric Vasseur


Kimi Räikkönen

Kimi Raikkonen

Antonio Giovinazzi

Antonio Giovinazzi

A rarity in Formula One for 2021, a team who’ve retained their driver line up, the evergreen Kimi Raikkonen is still racing and has been happy to stick with Alfa Romeo. A team with a name like Alfa Romeo should be fighting for wins and podiums, but underneath they are still Sauber.

Can they improve on 2020? Of this I am not so sure, this team doesn’t have the resources of the front running teams, and are part of the reason the cost cap came into play. They will be having one eye on 2022, perhaps more so than the teams in front of them. If they can come up with just one idea better than the rest then they could find 2022 rockets them up the order, but every team will be looking for that edge.

The launch of a new car is always an emotional moment, the culmination of months of effort from everyone back at the factory and the start of a new adventure.

Frédéric Vasseur
Team Principal, Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN

One team always seems to do it, one team always dominates, so why not Alfa Romeo in 2022? The cost cap and some standard parts will help close the gap up. But this is a review on 2021, so what can they do? Well, Kimi will forever enjoy himself wherever he is on the grid, he’s a cool customer who will make some amazing overtakes, remember the start he had in Portugal? Antonio Giovinazzi has grown into his role quite well and deserves a second crack at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Can they spring a surprise in 2021? In short no, it’s unlikely. They will be looking for an improvement on 2020 and I believe they can do that, they should be fighting in the midfield, looking for regular appearances in Q2 with the odd cameo in Q3.

Watch out for Kimi in Portugal though, it may well turn out to be his favourite track, however, it may not be as slippy in 2021 for the iceman.

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