The Hackett dress code

Williams F1 Collateral Filming Days 2015

“When customers ask me how old Hackett is, they are always surprised, believing that it was started by my father or even grandfather. Hackett is a brand that is truly British and has an authenticity and integrity that belies its years”, notes Jeremy Hackett, Co-founder of the impressive menswear company that’s also behind the coolest Formula 1 pit stop video ever. Let’s talk to Neil Bugler, Global Brand Partnerships Manager about the slick dress code of Formula 1.

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Generally speaking, how is your market doing at the time?

The clothing market has been quite unstable for a while and shows no immediate sign that it’s on the rise, however, we are hopeful that the market will increase and at Hackett, we are positive about the future of luxury retail.

How do you look at your competitors and how does that influence your work?  

Hackett proudly sits within a flourishing and inspiring menswear industry, thus our inspiration is led by our in-house team who takes influence from architecture, photography, art and culture. Hackett continues to push the boundaries conveying a unique sense of British humour that lies at the soul of business and is reflected in how we work and the products we develop.

It is the racing pedigree of Williams that first attracted us to the association along with their respective partnership with Martini, adding further heritage and glamour.

So Neil, what keeps you passionate and motivates you in your work? 

The Hackett staff, simple as that. From the shop floor to head office across the globe, the team keeps the business thriving and our people motivate each other. Our passion lies with making superior quality menswear that men feel confident in and that stands the test of time.

Williams F1 is a great and respected team. What lessons or experiences from this relationship can you transfer to your own work?

It is the racing pedigree of Williams that first attracted us to the association along with their respective partnership with Martini, adding further heritage and glamour. The fact that success comes in circles and is not guaranteed at any stage promotes an ability to keep focused and improving one’s own personal development. Top teams like Williams are built on attention to detail and this is a clear directive that can be extended into Hackett and premium retail.

What do you get to experience inside the Formula 1 world as a partner?

The benefits package we receive from Williams as a partner allows us to activate a very varied programme of events, including hospitality, in-store events, creating video content and multi-social media channelled information. Going to the races is obviously a thrill, especially in the paddock area during practice and qualifying when access to drivers milling around in that area is easier… even relaxed! Knowing you are intimately involved in one of the top sports in the world is also pretty cool.

Hackett has created some spectacular campaigns in recent years. Is there a specific direction in which your company is moving towards, communication-wise?

Yes, the two Williams videos we have produced have been creative highs, with one developing out of the other. They have managed to put Hackett firmly on the Formula 1 radar with comments from many of the respective Team Principals finding their way back to Claire Williams who deemed them feathers in the cap.

The creation and success of the mentioned videos were fundamental in Hackett’s move to creating more and more video content to carry the Hackett message, be them videos of high production values to promote the brand or shorter more targeted ones on a more ad hoc basis.

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