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Soccer, boxing, and MMA traditionally lead in the ranking of bookmakers, while technical sports, in particular Formula 1, remain in the background. So, we will try to correct this absolutely unfair mishap by revealing the peculiarities of betting on the outcome of the royal formula.

Types of Bets

Betting on Formula 1 stands out among other racing disciplines for its diversity. Yet, the entire range can be divided into three main groups:

Qualification outcomes

The main race is preceded by qualification – competitions with a split start. Their outcome determines what place the driver will take at the start of the main race.


Obviously, this group includes bets on the outcome of the main race.


A player can bet on whether certain events will happen during the race.

Let us take a look at each group in more detail. In qualification bets, the bettor can try to guess who will start from the first position (pole position) in the upcoming race. This type of betting is popular in the middle of the season when the favourites have already been determined, but the odds for the obvious leader are difficult to call high.

The bet on who gets the most advantageous position in a random pair of drivers is more interesting from the potential winnings point of view. A note of caution should be made that unlike “brand” races, where all drivers compete on the same type of car, Formula 1 is primarily a competition of engines. No matter how brilliant an athlete is, the technical lag of the sponsoring company won’t leave him a chance. Therefore, as a rule, pilots of the same team are chosen as a pair, starting on the same type of cars. However, the same type does not mean the same, and different teams maintain them, so an attentive bettor has all chances for success.

Betting on the race is subject to the same principles as for the qualification – you can bet on the pilot’s place in the final table and on the victory in the pair. In addition, during the race, it is much more probable that one of the pilots in a pair will fail, so the second pilot has to reach the finish line to make a bet on his success. What happens if both contestants withdraw? In this case, the bet is cancelled, and the money is returned to the bettor’s account. There is surely another option, which is to take advantage of the offers by online casinos USA.

However, if you focus on F1, keep in mind that both in the qualification and in the main race, bets are accepted on:

  • the pilot getting on the podium;
  • the inclusion of the racer in the top six;
  • successful finish of the racer – not everyone who is present at the start is capable of completing the track to the end (read more about the statistics and the rules of F1 here);
  • a driver’s withdrawal is a rarer event than a successful finish, so the odds are slightly higher in this case;
  • getting into the final classification is not quite the same as crossing the finish line, as the classification includes withdrawn drivers who completed 90% or more of the distance (in the table, they are below all the finishers but above those who withdrew earlier).

Betting on events is taken on the number of withdrawals, the appearance of safety cars (the race is put on pause during serious accidents), rain during the competition, and other relatively rare events.

It is also recommended to use the services of only reliable bookmakers. In most cases, a casino and a bookmaker’s office are under one roof. For example, you can take a look at the Red Stag casino review.


Formula 1 racing is a complex technical sport. It is challenging from the point of view of both athletes and bettors because a huge number of factors affect one or another outcome, in particular:

  • weather;
  • racer’s fitness;
  • skills of the technical team;
  • innovation level of the technical equipment.

Although FIA introduces new rules and restrictions on a regular basis aiming at boosting the role of pilots and reducing the impact of the technical component, its contribution is still extremely high, and we can say that victory in the race is not forged on the track but in the assembly shop and on the design drawing boards.

Speaking about bettors, who are new to this type of betting, we strongly recommend practising betting on funds from a demo account and only then proceeding to play for real money.

It is better to start with bets when the odds are 2 and higher. The chance of success is higher in bets on events – total withdrawals, rain, or the appearance of a safety car. Yet, it is better to refrain from betting on the pilot’s place in qualification at the initial stage of the betting career.

A little hint: the failure of the favourite in qualifying drastically increases the odds of betting on his winning the race but still gives good odds.

An experienced bettor will also pay attention to the track where the competition occurs. The more steep corners there are on the track, the lower the average speed will be, and the more the outcome will ultimately depend on the pilot’s skill rather than the engine’s power. It is also worth exploring what kind of experience this or that pilot has on this track and what results he got before. Although the racers are “trained” on special simulators before the start, virtual reality will never replace the real experience.

In addition, the more technically complex the track is, the greater the probability of withdrawals and serious accidents with the appearance of a safety car. On the other hand, high-speed tracks “love” to take the cars of outsider teams off the race, as they can’t keep up with the expected speed.

Formula 1 is a fascinating spectacle and a gambling adventure worthy of betting fans. Don’t miss out on your chance to win a prize by betting on this sport. May fortune be with you!

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