Four most successful sports campaigns on social media


Social Media can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly, and when paired with the right message, it can spread the word of brand in next to no time. In recent years, social media has really taken off, and has a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives, including the world of sport. It can be used to promote sporting goods, events, brands and individual sports stars and much more. So what are some of its most successful examples in sports?

Take a look at the growing impact of social media on sports created by betting sites to give you a fantastic insight to how social media and sports go hand in hand, and how, as a sports brand, you can be utilising social media to your advantage. As mentioned, let’s take a look as some of the most successful sporting social media campaigns of all time.

ThisGirlCan was a campaign that went viral back in 2015. It is a celebration of active women, no matter what sport it is that they want to take part in. The campaign was funded by the National Lottery and developed by Sport England. The aim of the campaign was to help women overcome the fear of being judged, a problem that is stopping so many women from taking part and getting involved. 2 million fewer women aged 14-40 take part in sport compared with men, even though 75% of them want to be more active. The first TV ad for the campaign was launched in January 2015, and this was the foundation of building its vibrant social media community on both Twitter and Facebook. This was especially encouraged by an algorithm that sent encouraging tweets to women who were tweeting about sport or fitness themselves.

In 2012 Nike Women put together a campaign that gave rise to modern women’s athletics. Not only was the campaign to appreciate previous great women athletes, but also with the aim to inspire current and future athletes. In five days the campaign reached over 10 million people on Facebook alone and drove 60,000 new page likes. The campaign was so successful partly due to the help of a lot of influential big name athlete participation, including the likes of Serena Williams, Hope Solo and Mia Hamm. Overall a total of 96 athletes were involved in the tweeting. The hashtag used in the campaign was simply #MAKETHERULES, and accumulated over 300 million impressions. The campaign was huge, and spread over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.

A slightly different but still hugely successful social media marketing campaign was run by Orlando City FC, who created an online scavenger hunt with the aim of building a bigger support base. Orlando city needed something to get some attention, so they placed tickets to some of their games around downtown Orlando, and used social media to post the clues. Both Twitter and Instagram were used, both for the clues and to let people know who the winners are. The campaign was extremely cheap to create, but did the job perfectly.

The Mauka Mauka advertisement campaign was created in 2015, and was one of the most viewed ad campaigns of the World Cup, generating over 30 million views. The campaign was aired by Sky Sports to promote its broadcast of the 2015 Cricket World Cup. The campaign was set to only be one advert, but due to its huge success the producers made a series of adverts of all of India’s matches.

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