From Track to Screen: Formula 1’s Cinematic Journey with Brad Pitt


Formula 1 recently announced the upcoming release of the highly anticipated film Apex, featuring the legendary Brad Pitt, on June 25, 2025. This racing film has been in production for several years and has garnered attention for its unique approach, including filming actual races and a star-studded cast. Let’s explore the key moments of Apex, a film that has set new standards in the entertainment industry and is poised to become one of the most talked-about releases in history.

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The Project Team

Apex, the much-anticipated film about Formula 1 starring Brad Pitt, is set to hit theaters on June 25, 2025. While the title Apex is currently provisional, the final name is yet to be announced. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, renowned for his work on Top Gun: Maverick, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, known for blockbuster hits like Pirates of the Caribbean and Days of Thunder, the film promises a thrilling cinematic experience. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, joins the team as a co-producer and consultant, adding an authentic touch to the racing scenes. The film rights were fiercely contested by major studios, including Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Paramount, MGM, Sony, Universal, and Disney, with Apple TV+ emerging victorious.

Initially budgeted at over $130 million, the project’s costs reportedly ballooned to $320 million due to delays caused by Hollywood strikes and the ambitious production plan. This plan involved filming at various race tracks during Formula 1 weekends, enhancing the film’s realism.


The storyline of Apex centres around a veteran racer returning to motorsport to mentor a rising star. The struggling APXGP team recruits Joshua Pierce, a young Formula 1 talent played by Damson Idris. Recognizing the need for experienced guidance, the team brings in Sonny Hayes, portrayed by Brad Pitt. Javier Bardem, an Oscar winner, plays the team owner. Hayes, a former Formula 1 driver from the 1990s, left the sport due to a severe injury and later focused on endurance racing. The film promises an engaging narrative, with the story’s outcome to be revealed upon its release.


Apex’s unique production process sets it apart, capturing the essence of Formula 1 like never before. Filming took place not only on official Formula 1 tracks but also during actual Grand Prix weekends. The production team was seen at the 24 Hours of Daytona, adding to the film’s authenticity.

“This should be as authentic as we can get it. Lewis wants us to respect and show the sport for what it is. As a civilian, I had no idea what it takes to be a driver. I have so much respect for the aggression and dexterity,” Brad Pitt remarked.

Before production began, the crew negotiated with Formula 1 management to film during races, ensuring the film’s authenticity. Pitt immersed himself in the racing world, preparing by driving approximately 1,000 km in a real F2 car at Paul Ricard and receiving high-speed driving lessons from Hamilton in Los Angeles.

During the 2023 British Grand Prix, racing scenes were filmed during the race weekend at Silverstone. The team was provided with an actual garage in the pit lane, complete with driver signs, equipment, mechanics, and cars. Modified Formula 2 cars were used to resemble Formula 1 cars, and Pitt drove one at speeds reaching 250 km/h. Filming occurred just minutes before the race started, capturing the authentic atmosphere of a Grand Prix weekend. A specially created 6K camera was used to capture the emotions of the racers in the car cockpit.

Reception by F1 Community

The involvement of Brad Pitt and the Apex team in the Formula 1 community has been met with enthusiasm. Alpine driver Pierre Gasly noted, “I must say it’s not every day you get the chance to see Brad Pitt. We got the chance to meet him, and they introduced themselves and the movie. It was definitely a special moment. Apart from the driver’s briefing and sitting right in front of Brad Pitt, Everything felt normal. So, on my side, I will say it has changed to zero.”

Pitt also expressed his appreciation for the warm reception, saying, “Everything was amazing, and the atmosphere was incredible, but you know that. Just being part of it this way and being able to say it’s our story, and everyone has been really cool with us. All the teams have opened their doors to us. The FIA and Mohammed Ben Sulayem have been really welcoming, and Stefano Domenicali so that we could do this filming.”

Filming Delays and Resumption

The production faced significant delays due to a 118-day actors’ strike, which affected nearly two million industry jobs. This strike, which ended in November, stalled further fieldwork and led to changes in sponsorship agreements, rendering pre-recorded footage unusable. Consequently, the project team had to discard valuable shooting footage.

Despite these setbacks, filming resumed, with the crew attending The 24 Hours of Daytona to capture scenes depicting Pitt’s character’s return from sports cars to Formula 1. The fictional Chip Hart Racing team’s boxes and motorhome were recreated at the racetrack, with at least seven racing cars transported to Daytona. A recent filming session at Silverstone involved deliberately destroying one of the cars, emphasizing the film’s commitment to realism.

When Will It Be Possible to Watch?

Apex will premiere in the United States on June 27, 2025, and be released globally on June 25. Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute the film worldwide and handle the IMAX version release. Following its theatrical run, the film will be available on Apple TV+, allowing audiences worldwide to experience this groundbreaking portrayal of Formula 1 racing.

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