Fueling a car racing passion with a loan


Do you imagine yourself racing in the IndyCar Series or Formula 1? It’s free to dream, especially if you are passionate about this sport. Although you may not get to the pro level and join international competitions, you could still race in domestic events and feel the adrenaline rush on a local race track. But while you may not build a career in motorsport, fueling your car racing passion could still be expensive. One of the primary questions you ask is: How much car can I afford? 

Car racing is very costly, with the primary expense being the vehicle in itself. Even if it’s just a weekend hobby you feel very passionate about, you must still invest in equipment and gear. And let’s not forget the rising costs of fuel! If you’re considering becoming a professional racecar driver, know that the road to becoming professional hinges on more than just talent. You need a network to support you and generous sponsors on board to make it to the big leagues. More importantly, you must invest your time to achieve your goals. 

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But you could still live out your dream if you’re just an average guy looking to start and continue your car racing hobby. Often, the financial component is the barrier to entry for many aspiring racers. Although they feel motivated and emotionally ready to invest time in honing their racing skills, the soaring equipment costs and racing fees are too prohibitive. Thankfully, you can still keep your dream alive with the help of a loan. The biggest hurdle is getting a vehicle. Fortunately, you can solve that with a car loan. Here’s what you need to do to raise funds to finance your racing vehicle:

Find a Specialist Who Can Help

It is a special area of the market when you’re considering buying a sprint vehicle or racecar. Most lenders may need more requirements to help you finance that race car you’ve coveted for the longest time. You need more funding when you buy modern GTs, sports prototypes, single-seaters, or even historic race cars. 

Lenders are not created equal. When it comes to expensive race cars, financial institutions offer different rates and terms. You have several options like in-house financing from the dealer, bank loans, credit union loans, personal loans, online lending, or peer-to-peer lending. Get quotes from various institutions so you can compare. 

Research Is Key to Success

Looking for a suitable product that meets your needs necessitates research. For starters, learning more about the car financing language can help you navigate and search for the best loan option. Then, find out more about the companies on your shortlist. You want a financial product that gives competitive rates, offers flexibility and provides a fast turnaround. 

Find a company with experience helping clients purchase the race cars of their dreams. And don’t worry because funding is available whether you’re a private individual, motorsport pro, or even a race team. Explore your options and ask about the various rates. Ask these critical questions:

  • How much down payment do I need to make?  
  • What is the interest rate, and is it a fixed term? 
  • How long are the payment terms? 

Set Realistic Expectations

In general, your income and credit score significantly impact the amount you are qualified to borrow and the loan interest rate. You need a stable income to show that you can continuously pay for the loan without any issues. 

And remember, never apply for any loan without looking at your credit report. If you have incorrect information or fraudulent activity in that report, the lender may deny your loan application, or you could be given a very high-interest rate. Should there be any fraudulent entries, dispute them so they can be corrected before you apply for a car loan. 

Try to Boost Credit Score

If you have a less-than-stellar credit score, you could spend at least six months to a year trying to improve it. Since you’re purchasing a race car, you don’t absolutely need the vehicle right away. Working to improve your score can positively impact your loan terms, giving you a better deal with lower interest rates and monthly payments. To help you bolster your credit score, you can do the following: 

  • Make payments on time
  • Pay off credit card balances 
  • Settle any accounts in the collection
  • Dispute inaccurate data on the report

Settling past debts may seem daunting, especially if you don’t have sufficient savings. But don’t despair because you can take extra side gigs to increase your cash flow. Your closet could also be a treasure trove of things that can generate income. Sell them online to pay off existing debts. This will make your race car loan application a lot more feasible. You could also use the extra money to increase your down payment. 

Though buying an expensive car racing machine to fuel your racing passion could be very expensive, you can still make your dream a reality by working with the right finance partner. There are many loan options for you. With a little research, you can find the perfect fit and zoom your way into the seat of your dream car.

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