FW45 is unveiled by Williams Racing

Williams Racing is proud to show off the design of the FW45, which will be the team’s new challenger in the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship.

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The team is also excited to highlight important sponsors, like Gulf Oil, PureStream, Michelob ULTRA, and Stephens, who will join the team in 2023. The 2023 livery design is an improvement over the FW44 and keeps the brand’s distinctive visual cues, which include a sharply contrasted diamond shape and bursts of red and blue. This design represents the exciting new era of Williams Racing. In order to provide a clearer on-track image, this year’s design has a matte colour finish update.

The FW45, which will be released on February 13th, is an improvement over the FW44. In order to comply with the new 2023 FIA Technical Regulations, the floor edges have been increased. The team has achieved significant advancements to the sidepod concept, which have been made feasible by optimizing the cooling system design for the power unit.

The front suspension design and the main exterior aerodynamic surfaces have also been altered. As a result, the FW45 has better handling qualities and is more aerodynamically effective than the FW44.

The 2023 Pirelli tires are an improvement over the 2022 model, and the FW45 is tuned to use the enhanced features of the new tires.

Alex Albon, Williams Racing driver

I’m excited to be starting another year with the team. The car looks great and will hit the track at Silverstone. I’m eager to see what the FW45 is capable of because the team put a lot of effort into addressing certain crucial aspects in our car over the previous year and the winter to maximize its potential for 2023. Having them on board is terrific as we welcome new partners to the team this year.

Logan Sargeant, Williams Racing driver

I’m looking forward to the start of the season after a long winter. We’ve put in a lot of hard work, and I’m very motivated. I’m excited to get started at Silverstone before travelling to Bahrain because the car looks excellent and clearly reflects the tremendous work the team put in during the off-season.

Matthew Savage, Chairman of the Board, Williams Racing

We are thrilled with the car this year, and I want to thank the entire Grove team for their dedication to preparing for the season. Welcoming both new and current partners to our adventure delights me greatly. With our new Team Principal, James Vowles, joining us later this month and our exciting Alex and Logan driver lineup, Williams Racing will give its all in 2023.

Gulf Oil International’s partnership with Williams Racing is a big deal because it shows the team’s new commercial strength since it was acquired by Dorilton Capital.

Stephens, an independent financial services firm founded in the United States in 1933 with main offices in the United States, London, and Frankfurt, has been named Official Investment Banking Partner for the upcoming season. Williams Racing and Stephens will form a marketing partnership as Stephens expands its presence in Europe.

In a multi-year agreement, Michelob ULTRA, the fastest-growing beer brand in the United States, joins the team, uniting two renowned brands with a long tradition of excellence and acclaim. For the first time since 2006, the top brewer is back with Williams Racing and Formula 1, thanks to Michelob ULTRA, a product of the Anheuser-Busch portfolio. With the slogan “it’s only worth it if you enjoy it,” Michelob ULTRA and Williams Racing will work together to provide premium experiences to Grand Prix races throughout North America.

Williams Racing and PureStream have teamed up to facilitate a best practices exchange between prominent electronic trading firms and the F1 team. Electronic trading and motorsports need a lot of well-organized teams working with new technology and a balance of precise measurements and subjective strategies to win in very competitive situations that occur in a split second. PureStream will co-host “thought leadership” events at some F1 races in 2023 so that Williams Racing and the best electronic trading teams can share ideas.

Williams Racing is starting a new, exciting chapter with James Vowles as its Team Principal. James joins Williams Racing on February 20th from the Mercedes F1 Team, bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic skills to lead Williams Racing both on and off the racetrack.

The FW45 will take to the track at Silverstone on February 13th, with Alex and Logan undertaking driving duties. Jenson Button, brand ambassador for Williams Racing and F1 world champion in 2009, will also be present to witness the debut of this year’s car.

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