Game analytics: why is it so important to learn math in college?


The benefits of math go beyond scoring better grades in college. It forms the foundation of many other issues in life. It gives learners the ability to think critically and logically in any field. Students use math to design experiments, analyze data, solve problems, and recognize patterns.

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In life, people use math daily to calculate recipe ratios, prepare home budgets, and do game analytics. Without mathematics, it would be impossible to achieve most of these things. This is one of the reasons why math is a fascinating discipline to learn.

Why is it important to study math?

Human beings use math fundamentals to create a logical understanding of the world. They use the subject to create a mental discipline that allows logical reasoning effectively. It creates a foundation for students on which all other subjects are built. Due to its importance, the Canadian education system has invested in transforming the math curriculum. The importance of studying the subject cuts across many fields.

The role of math homework for students

Learning math in college helps students get better grades and improves their brain health. In real life, math can help in analytics games or securing a job after college. Some math problems, such as game analytics, are only understood better after getting their solution. To solve a problem quickly, students ask Edubirdie experts to do my math homework and receive correct answers quickly. Although they learn in college, asking for help online when a problem seems complicated is crucial.

Building a stronger brain

Students need to exercise their brains to build better cognitive skills vigorously. The brain is vital for building better creative and analytical skills. When solving a problem, students use formulas and break down figures. This exercise helps them build a stronger brain.


Math is considered a universal language

Math across the world uses the same principles and concepts. It is well understood across various cultures, nations, and languages. Disciplines such as engineering, physics, and medicine all use the same concepts of math. They use exact proofs, equations, and theorems to solve complex issues.

Knowledge of math is applied daily in life

People do calculations daily, such as mixing ratios, counting money, and budgets. They calculate time, distance, years, and days. Doing calculations is the norm in daily life, so students should learn the subject.

How mathematics helps in understanding game analytics

Games are developed to provide entertainment to users. Positive user experience is the main factor determining whether a game is successful. Game analytics helps improve a game to retain gamers and increase the game’s longevity. The strategy leverages math knowledge to understand gamers’ behaviour during play.

Analytics relies on the available metrics to generate a detailed report. It includes the time players spend on the game, how they play, and with who they play. The metrics are generated from a wide range of game platforms such as Android, PlayStation, iOS, and Xbox. Game analytics uses the following basic metrics to get the most accurate data.

  • Total number of players engaged each day
  • Total time spent playing a specific gameplay session
  • Total wins players
  • Total losses of players
  • Time each player takes to complete a gameplay level

How game analytics can be used to make money

When a game is attracting more players at any given time, it means it’s providing a better player experience. The indication is the same when players spend more time playing a specific game. If a player spends too much time completing a level, it is a sign that the game could be too complex and need more time to master. Total wins and losses depend on the player’s experience, although they can be balanced sometimes.

When you have the latest game analytics with you, the information is an asset in your hand. You need to prioritize the metrics to maximize revenue. Metrics are never constant, but they keep changing as time changes. If you want to keep a consistent revenue stream, keeping the game up to date is important. Working on improving a game also calls for an update in metrics to keep the game popular. This helps to improve earnings as time progresses.


Learning math in college has many advantages for a student. It is the foundation of other subjects that require different forms of calculations. People need to calculate ratios, distance, time, and money daily. Math helps with game analytics which helps improve a game. Due to this, gamers get retained more, and the game’s earning potential is enhanced. Students should focus more on learning the subject due to its importance in life.

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