Going stir crazy

Going stir crazy – Max and Daniel transform the factory into a race track while waiting for the 2018 season to begin.

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All you can hear is the gentle tap of rain on the windows, your fingers drumming on the table and the dull, low hum of some sort of celebrity cookery show on afternoon TV. There’s no growl of engines being fired up, no howl of 20 turbos winding up as they blast towards turn one, nothing…

These are the off-season doldrums, the darkest days of winter, where last season is ancient history, yet the new season still seems an eternity away.

Oh sure, for the guys at the factory it’s all hands on deck as the finishing touches are made to RB14, but can you imagine what it must be like for our drivers? Yep, Dullsville. Boring, boring, boring.

So, fed up with Daniel and Max asking, “How long ’til we get to Melbourne? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” we decided we needed to occupy their time, with something fun, something competitive, something…. silly. But what could that be?

Enter the Razor Crazy Cart, a battery-powered ride-on kart-type thing with a single pneumatic front tyre, swivelling rear castors and a special drift bar that allows the rider to control drifts, spins and precision corners. Perfect!

Now where to let the boys ride their crazy carts? What’s big, has plenty of space, lots of corridors and a ton of corners? That’s right, the factory!

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