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Motor Racing – Formula One World Championship – United States Grand Prix – Practice Day – Austin, USA

Firstly, just what exactly is Roadgrip? Today it’s a global organisation with roots in road and surface preparation for the aviation industry, experienced in delivering time-critical projects under the constraints of international contracting. The inventive team takes care of complete race track preparation and presentation services for Formula 1 circuits worldwide and major UK circuits. Whether it’s unique, creative and meticulous service for sponsorship vision, track preparation and build, consultancy or project delivery – this company is the one to look for. We have Managing Director of Roadgrip, Nick Morley, to give us the updates and prospects of the market.

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We at Roadgrip have made pretty heavy investments in new equipment in 2014. This advanced technology has vastly increased our productivity, which has been used to great effect in Sochi this year, having had only four weeks to mobilise, set out and apply 30,000m2 of surface designs and FIA safety markings to a blank canvas. We have also invested in automated setting out equipment, meaning any design, no matter how complicated, can be quickly and accurately plotted through GPS using robotic equipment. With these and similar innovations we continue to extend our market-leading position in circuit painting and branding, but also track surface deep-cleaning through the use of ultra high-pressure water systems.

American racing

The popularity of high-end motorsports is increasing fast in the Americas and I believe the Grand Prix is way more successful this time around and the team at COTA have done a great job in providing a spectacular venue again. Hopefully, we will soon see the introduction of other new venues in the US.

Despite the dominance of NASCAR, the arrival of the Mexico race in 2015 will surely help promote and increase the popularity of Formula 1 within the Americas. We believe a unique identity creates a certain ‘destination visibility’. So, as well as track layout and architecture surrounding it, unique branding is key to creating a visual identity for a new or relatively new Formula 1 Grand Prix.


In terms of the environment, Roadgrip uses entirely water-based materials and promotes the use of local manufacturers wherever possible to reduce its carbon footprint. We have been working hard with the FIA and track operators to promote the use of water retexturing as an alternative to resurfacing and as a way to recover friction levels in tired surfaces.

With the increased focus on safety, we envisage further cross-fertilisation of our technology, which is utilised in the airport sector, where surface conditions are continually monitored.

Our deep cleaning and hydro texturing to track and runoff surfaces will be more widely used to eliminate black spots and unpredictability, particularly in wet weather. I also believe that with the increasing use of asphalt run-offs, promoters and clients will seize the opportunity to utilise our setting out and design systems to create a better visual experience coupled with a unique identity.

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