Guide on Motorsport Betting

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday – Wolfgang Wilhelm

Sports betting has gained traction over the past few years. However, when talking about sports betting, there is a tendency of generalising as the term itself ‘sports betting’ is an umbrella term. There are in effect many forms of sports betting including football betting which is the most popular. Some other sports have generally received low recognition including motorsport betting but this is changing gradually. Several casinos online and sportsbooks are now filling the void and are offering betting markets in sports which have traditionally received low recognition including motorsport. For Formula 1, NASCAR racing and World Rally Championship enthusiasts, you can visit a casino that allows PayPal deposits to start your motorsport betting adventure. There are in general three common betting markets in motorsport betting that are explained below.

Predicting Formula 1 Winner 

This motorsport betting market covers a relatively long timeframe expanding to nearly a year for those who place their bets before the start of the championship. Bettors need to pick the driver who they think is going to come out on top after the Formula 1 championship. There is a wide pool of drivers to choose from as the Formula 1 championship is contested by a lot of people. However, bettors can narrow down their prediction lists by taking into consideration factors such as the previous performance of the driver, how the driver drives in different terrains and so forth. Armed with this information, bettors can proceed to place their Formula 1 bets.

Predicting the winner of a Grand Prix 

This betting market is in stark contrast to the above betting market. Rather than taking place over a relatively long period of time, this market is dependent upon each race i.e. bettors predict the winner of a single race other than the whole championship. This market has several benefits to the bettor. First of all, the bettor can carve a living out of motorsport betting when focusing on this betting market as s/he is able to place bets regularly sometimes even daily during the peak season. Therefore, if one is good at predictions, it means the potential of going on a winning streak is possible. To improve one’s chances of successfully predicting the winners of each race, bettors can take into consideration things such as the driver’s previous performance, the driver’s ability to drive in certain terrains, the weather conditions on the day of the race and the bettor can research on things like player fatigue or ‘trouble’ in the driver’s camp.

Predicting the winner manufacturer/constructor 

Apart from rooting for certain drivers to come out on top against fellow drivers, bettors also have the opportunity of rooting for the manufacturer i.e. car manufacturer. There are different manufacturers that take part in motorsport racing such as Mercedes, Ferrari among others. Bettors can therefore just predict if Mercedes is going to win the championship or the race regardless of who the driver may be. This is particularly a lucrative market for bettors who have some knowledge about cars.

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