Honibe and Williams Racing sign a partnership agreement

Honibe and Williams Racing

Williams Racing is delighted to welcome pioneering health and wellness brand Honibe (pronounced honey-bee) as an Official Partner of the team ahead of the 2021 FIA Formula One season.

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With a focus on quality and purity, Honibe creates convenient honey-centric solutions for consumers to solve ailments and promote wellness using Honey For Health™.  The company’s mantra is to deliver honey in innovative and convenient products that contribute to your health and wellness in a way that only honey can: purely, naturally, effectively, and with the fewest ingredients possible.

The partnership will focus on broadening the awareness of the Honibe brand globally through the reach of Formula One and Williams Racing, providing a platform for growth. The essence of the partnership comes from a commitment to support the validation and credibility of the full range of Honibe products, identifying and showcasing use cases to demonstrate the benefits of Honibe products to all and for all.

The company will have prominent branding on the FW43B, appearing on the nose, headrest surround area and on the sleeve of our race drivers, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi, and senior personnel’s team kit from the Bahrain GP onwards.

Tim Hunt, Commercial and Marketing Director for Williams Racing, said: “I am delighted to welcome Honibe as a new Official Partner of Williams Racing. The journey we are embarking on is unique and built around a shared agenda to deliver sustainable business growth. Honibe focuses on how social and environmental responsibility play a role in business and we look forward to working together to uncover shared opportunities within the partnership. With Honibe coming from the Dorilton-owned group of companies, this partnership is another demonstration of the new commercial direction for Williams and we look forward to creating a unique integrated approach that helps grow Honibe’s audience on a global scale by demonstrating the benefits of their products to all and for all.”

John Rowe, CEO of Island Abbey Foods, owners of the Honibe brand, says: This unique partnership supports Honibe’s mission to bring natural honey products to every family. “We believe in the natural healing powers of honey,” says Rowe. “We have been successful in providing consumers with convenient honey-based solutions to promote health & wellness while retaining all the benefits of honey.  We are very excited about the partnership with Williams Racing as it aligns with our efforts to extend our reach to other markets and further drive our goal of promoting Honey For Health™ around the world.

About Honibe
Island Abbey Foods, owners of the Honibe brand, produces natural health products and speciality foods that pursue health and wellness with the fewest ingredients possible. After shattering a jar of liquid honey while hiking, Honibe founder John Rowe invented a better way to travel with honey. Many years of research led to the patented Honibe Technology – the only 100% pure solid honey in the world scientifically proven to retain its natural health benefits. Visit Honibe.com for more information.

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