How to save money as a first-time car buyer


As a first-time car buyer, you’ll want the best vehicle for the money. Here are some tried and tested ways to save on your new wheels.

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Did you know that people in the United States spend about an hour driving each day? Work and school commutes require a reliable vehicle that won’t break down after driving 30 miles. If you’re a first-time car buyer, a few strategies can help you save and find the vehicle of your dreams. Keep reading to discover the most effective savings tips to help you prepare for and afford car prices.

Know What You Need

One of the best places to start when you’re a first-time car buyer is with your preferences. Take time to establish a realistic budget for your vehicle. Some expenses could involve title loans reviews, maintenance, and license plate fees. Each state has specific requirements for getting a new car, but you can discuss these needs with a car sales rep.

It’s helpful to consider the climate you live in. For example, if you live in the northern states or the mountains, you’ll want something with 4WD or AWD. However, people living in larger cities are better off getting smaller vehicles that won’t eat at your gas mileage.

Hide Your Cards

Credit and debit cards can be dangerous, especially when you can order things with a click of a button. You should disconnect your cards from your cell phone and computer to save money for a new car. Some people place their cards in a folder or drawer, so it’s not as easily accessible. If you decide to freeze your cards in the freezer, put them in a ziplock bag before turning them to ice! Using your cards in certain scenarios is okay, but putting them aside will prevent you from making frivolous purchases.

Work Part-Time

Whether you’re a student or already working part-time, you should consider picking up another job. Part-time jobs are typically low-stress, especially if you’re working in an environment, you enjoy. For example, if you enjoy coffee, you can get a job at a local coffee shop to make money for the car and save on coffee. This creates double savings if you can land a job at a business you purchase from.

Always monitor your emotional and physical well-being when you take on other roles. If working part-time proves to be overwhelming for you, take a step back. There are plenty of side gigs and hustles that can make you money without as much commitment.

Automatically Save

If you have a habit of spending any money that enters your account, you need to set up payment automation. Automatically transferring money without it reaching your checking can make a significant difference. When you don’t see the money enter your account, you’ll assume you don’t have it, but you’re saving money behind the scenes.

Stop Spending Money Mindlessly

Swiping your card or making a small purchase at the store might seem harmless, but it’s likely holding you back. You can save money for a used or new car by monitoring your spending habits. Instead of getting small trinkets, coffees, and snacks, invest in groceries and reduce your spending. Small purchases can quickly add up, and most people don’t realize how much was wasted until their account is too low.

Each time you want to make a purchase, ask yourself a few questions and make some observations. The price tag should be the first thing to check, but before you look, you should ask yourself if you truly need it. A quick question can stop you from spending and help you become more aware of your habits.

Research Dealership Promotions

If you’ve been saving for a while and are close to your goal, you should start searching for car promotions. The holidays are a great time to buy a new car since they often go on sale. After new models have been released, people also see a price dip to get rid of older inventory. Most businesses share upcoming promotions on their websites or marketing outside the building. Although this won’t increase your account before purchasing, you’ll have extra money for gas and maintenance.

Live Below Your Means

Living below your means involves spending less than what you are bringing in. This is one of the most challenging savings tips since it can influence your lifestyle and preferences. Although you might have a lot of money in your account, you should act as if you don’t. When you get in the mindset of living below your means, you find happiness with even the smallest of investments.

Just because you can afford a luxury vehicle doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. Vehicles come with many additional expenses to keep them running efficiently. Cutting back on grocery and utility bills can go a long way if you plan accordingly.

Save Smart as a First-Time Car Buyer

If you want to save money as a first-time car buyer, there are many strategies to implement in your life.

You can watch your account grow from cutting back on spending to getting a part-time job. Before you start saving, research some options, you’re interested in and set a budget to determine the most suitable vehicles. Don’t forget to set up automatic transfers to increase your savings account.

You can drive around in your new car with plenty of money left over for gas when you follow this guide. Make sure you check out our page for more content about buying cars and discovering your vehicle needs!

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