Hyvia and Alpine F1 Team partner for the French Grand Prix to promote smart & sustainable mobility

HYVIA is the official partner of BWT Alpine F1 Team 2022 at the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France. From July 22 to 24, on the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, the Alpine A522 will proudly display the logo of HYVIA, a joint venture between Renault Group and Plug dedicated to hydrogen mobility.

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This partnership embodies the strong links between Renault Group, BWT Alpine F1 Team and Plug, as well as their common investment in high-end technology and the transition to low-carbon mobility, with a major anchorage in France. This is the first step towards a future collaboration between the two companies for their logistic needs. HYVIA provides professionals with 3 Renault Master H2-TECH (Van, Chassis Cab and City Bus).

HYVIA is also the official partner of 2022, organised by the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France on the Circuit Paul Ricard. On July 22, David Holderbach, CEO of HYVIA, will take part in the conference “Fueling the future with hydrogen” and speak about the challenges of hydrogen mobility with significant actors of the H2.

Through this event, HYVIA, Renault Group, BWT Alpine F1 Team, Plug and the Grand Prix de France reinforce their commitment to sustainable mobility. At the Forum, HYVIA will exhibit the Renault Master Van H2-TECH, its H2 refuelling station, and a fuel cell prototype: illustrations of its complete and unique hydrogen ecosystem.

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group commented:

Renault Group has strong ambitions in Formula 1 with BWT Alpine F1 Team and in hydrogen mobility with HYVIA, the joint venture we created with Plug. Complementary to our electric offer, hydrogen provides a promising carbon-free mobility alternative to support the energy transition.

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug added:

As the leader in hydrogen solutions, Plug shares the values of high-technology excellence with BWT Alpine F1 Team and with HYVIA. Plug already brings its expertise to HYVIA on fuel cells, H2 refuelling stations and electrolyzers.

David Holderbach, CEO HYVIA said:

One year after its creation, HYVIA begins the launch of three hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles with a complete and unique H2 ecosystem. It is a major human, technological and industrial challenges that we share with Renault Group, Plug and BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Éric Boullier, General Director GIP Grand Prix de France – Le Castellet said:

The Formula 1 Grand Prix de France is pleased to organize for the second consecutive year this Forum dedicated to the mobility of tomorrow. This moment of discussion will be an opportunity to recall that motorsport is a wonderful laboratory for transferring technologies from the track to the road, with the aim of safer and more sustainable mobility.

About HYVIA:

“HY” for hydrogen, “VIA” for the road: HYVIA paves a new way forward for carbon-free mobility, with hydrogen mobility solutions. Created in June 2021, the company is a joint venture equally owned by Renault Group, a dominant player in the automotive industry, and Plug, a world leader in turnkey hydrogen and fuel cell solutions. Based in France, for European markets, HYVIA offers a complete and unique ecosystem that includes light commercial vehicles with fuel cells, hydrogen refuelling stations, a supply of carbon-free hydrogen, and services for financing and maintenance of fleets.

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