If I Ran F1: Ayman Anwar Wahed

Ayman Comentary

Senior Motor Sports Commentator and Studio Presenter (Anchor) at beIN SPORTS, Mr Ayman Anwar Wahed, gives us a taster of how would the Formula 1 world look if he ran it.

What do we need from attending any show? Pure and simple entertainment. And Formula 1 is far from entertaining nowadays – we are losing spectators by the hour. 2017 may seem promising with the expected changes, but we can’t be so sure, can we?

So how can we make it more entertaining? I would start by improving the show on Friday and Saturday, giving it more meaning to the viewer. Extra tyres and a separate engine allocation for Friday to promote more participation in Free Practice which is quite often too vague, and an extra point or two for Pole Position will improve qualifying viewership. I would also add a point for Fastest Race Lap, this will push some drivers the extra gear to try and achieve it.

Overtaking is rare, yet overtaking is fun and exciting, even if DRS helped a bit, maybe we need to eliminate any DRS use restrictions, use it anywhere, not just the designated areas, perhaps increase the detection gap from 1 second to 1.2 seconds. I believe it could have been more entertaining at Suzuka, for instance, to use DRS at the last straight before entering 130R or after Turn 1 before entering Eau Rouge at Spa, despite some potential danger at 130R or Eau Rouge. We also need to redesign the front and rear spoilers to make it easier for the following car to come closer to the front one. Drivers risk too much by following too close for a long time, so they end up holding position until you change your TV channel. And please, no more street circuits – apart from Monaco – they are a complete failure.

We also need to redesign the front and rear spoilers to make it easier for the following car to come closer to the front one.

Formula 1 broadcast is different from one country to another; there must be guidelines to TV commercials for some broadcasters to eliminate full-screen commercials blocking the show. It is very easy to use message strips, crawls, or “PINGS” at a specified space which will not block the whole screen nor block race data. I would also promote Internet pay-per-view adapted by MotoGP brilliantly, and reduce TV rights fees.

Last but certainly not least, if current Formula 1 races are not attracting enough new viewers, open up a 60-year-old or older treasure of races from the past, which now is being held under heavy guard from the public – these archives are more than capable to attract new viewers as well.

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