If I Ran F1: Mark Blundell


Founder & CEO of MB Partners, former F1 driver, Le Mans 24 winner, IndyCar winner and former ITV F1 TV Presenter Mark Blundell gives us a taste of how would the Formula 1 world look like if he ran it.

Points system

I think that we should make the weekend action-packed and meaningful, so my idea is to let the drivers run one session normally and then do a super knock out session for top ten slots with individual runs. Think about it – that way there would be no traffic excuses, all eyes would be on the specific car and driver. That would obviously be a thrill, especially at ultimate speed, also it’s some great global TV exposure for the sponsors. The drivers will love being able to get that one perfect lap and we’ll be happy to see who can handle the pressure really well.


Formula 1 is behind the curve on social media and needs to step up. There should be more fan engagement and this should take some guidance from Nascar people, who give the fans and sponsors something back but still keep the access restricted and exclusive. No backsides on seats makes for a pretty dull atmosphere both at the track and on TV, plus the entertainment factor needs to be more aimed at a family day out for the wider masses, not just the corporates.

Who wants to go to a football match with no crowd or a pop concert with the main act whispering?

Lets open up radio channels and data feeds and let everyone engage and get under the fabric of Formula 1, nurture the next generation who are all about PC and console gaming but not converting to the real thing. This needs to be done sooner rather than later, otherwise a whole age group will be lost in support for the sport.

Cost, cars and performance

Formula 1 is too expensive for the average family and it needs to get back in line with other sports. We also need to educate the family members about the sport more, then they would engage more with this type of racing and all the sponsors associated with it. Autograph sessions, public appearances in build up to the Grand Prix – all this adds to the value of the ticket people may or may not buy.

Finally, lets get the cars back to sound like real Formula 1 cars as it’s all about the senses. Let’s face it – that’s what makes the sport special: sound, smell and visual aspects. Who wants to go to a football match with no crowd or a pop concert with the main act whispering?

Also we need to get back to allowing cars to be able to race in close quarters. I am always amazed that motorsports is one of the only sports where you learn your skill sets as a young driver, like the art of overtaking, and very rarely you get to use them in the pinnacle of the sport! Why can’t we have a platform that just lets the guys get up close and personal on track and duel? IndyCar does it and its some of the best racing your ever get to see.

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