Insta-DOs and DON’Ts


If I could summarise the reason behind Instagram’s success, I’d go to the old saying that a picture is often worth a thousand words. Below you can find my top Insta-DOs and DON’Ts for your personal or company profile

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An image can and often does trigger much more emotions and reactions than a mere text. And in a world where we are overloaded with information, a photo simply feels easier on our eyes. But obviously, the key is in sharing the right photos and not just posting absolutely anything from our camera rolls.

  1. Only use high-resolution images

Don’t take screenshots or upload photos from your first-generation smartphone. You either need a professional camera or a mobile phone with a good one. Remember that the success of a photograph also depends on the right setting, angle and lighting – try to be aware of everything.

  1. Forget useless hashtags

Yes, we all want more likes on our photos. However, using hashtags like #tagsforlikes and #instalikes simply kills the whole message. Use appropriate and clever hashtags that could increase your visibility and that are directly related to the context. This strategy will attract the right audience, trust me.

  1. Like and respond back

Always engaging with your followers is a must. You don’t need to respond to each and every comment, but you could either like the comments or respond to a couple of your followers’ interesting questions.

  1. Don’t over-post

A photo a day is borderline okay. But more than that might be too much, depending on the industry. In any case, you will notice that the interaction rate will drop when you do over-post. So remember the quality over quantity rule.

  1. Insta is not Snapchat

When Instagram introduced its story feature, users started replacing Snapchat with Instagram. I believe that each platform has its own personality and should be used for particular forms of messages. Publishing one or two stories is acceptable, but you should certainly restrain from documenting your life from A to Z.

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