Is Formula 1 sport betting popular online?

Formula 1 2022: Austrian GP

The sports betting industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With more countries legalizing sports betting, we are witnessing the birth of hundreds of online bookmakers every month. 

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In addition, people love testing their luck and skills with sports betting. A pretty exciting sport popular among the masses is F1 sports betting. Formula 1 sports betting may not have been the popular kid in school before, but its popularity has grown multiple folds in recent years. 

In today’s article, we will discuss Formula 1 sports betting and help you get started with F1 sports betting. 

Why Is Formula 1 Sports Betting So Popular?

There are many reasons why F1 sports betting is so popular among punters. However, the most prominent reason must be the popularity of Formula 1 races. The F1 race is among the top 10 sports that attract the most players worldwide. 

The second must be the frequency of the tournaments in Formula 1. Since they hold so many races, the betting market for F1 sports betting is quite significant. There are lots of drivers to bet on, along with lots of possibilities to bet on. 

You can bet on who will win the match, who will be the tournament winner, what will be the time difference between the winner and runner-up, etc. With endless possibilities to bet on Formula 1, sports betting is an arena where you can make a lot of cash. 

Tips to Choose an F1 Sports Betting Bookmaker

Betting Market

Before choosing a bookmaker, always check for the sports betting markets it offers. To find out if the bookmaker offers Formula 1 betting odds or not, check their sports list. Make sure to check under the name of ‘Motorsports.’ Moreover, they should also provide other popular sports along with F1 betting odds. 

Payment Options

Doing payment at an online bookmaker is very troublesome if they do not offer the payment methods you use. For example, if you like to place bets on F1 races using your crypto wallet, but the bookmaker does not accept crypto payment, you would be disappointed. You will be forced to use other payment options uncomfortably. Moreover, bookmakers sometimes advertise a lot of payment methods, but they are usually available only for deposits. For withdrawal, you get only a limited number of payment options. So always check for all the deposit and withdrawal methods at an online bookmaker. 

Customer Support

Being new at an online casino sometimes leads to unforeseen situations where you fail to understand what to do next. In cases like these, you need help from the bookmaker’s customer service team. Therefore, carefully examining the customer service, the bookmaker provides. 

Check if they have 24/7 customer service or not. If they have round-the-clock service, check how long it takes them to provide you with a resolution. A good bookmaker will have several customer service channels like live chat, voice call support, FAQs, email support, community forum, etc.


An online bookmaker where you will bet on your favourite drivers of F1 racing must be trustworthy. You may be wondering how you can do that, but worry not; there are a few signs you can look for to know the trustworthiness of a bookmaker. Look for a license.

A valid license from a reputed institution like the UKGC, MGA, Gibraltar, Curacao, etc., proves they are trustworthy. An online bookmaker is also considered reliable when they have received positive feedback on reviewing websites like “ask gamblers.” 

Moreover, a trustworthy bookmaker will also use 256 Bit SSL encryption to bolster the website’s security, especially the payment gateway that hackers usually attempt to attack. 

Mobile Friendly

This is the decade of mobile-friendly businesses. All online companies have switched to mobile apps to provide users with better usability and comfort. The same goes for online bookmakers. 

Since bettors want to place bets on Formula 1 races on the go without having to trouble themselves with the bulky laptop, online bookmakers have also gone mobile. A good bookmaker will have a mobile app that can run on iOS and Android devices. 

Moreover, you should only choose a bookmaker with a mobile app, or at least their website is built using HTML5 technology, making the website easy to run on mobile devices using mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome. 

If you are still uncertain about the bookmaker, then here is a list of bookmakers suggested by the industry experts, for which you can check here. 

Final Thoughts

Formula 1 racing is a fantastic sport with fast cars built to win, and the thrill that comes with it is why we love this sport. F1 sports betting is similarly very thrilling, and people love to bet on exciting sports as the outcome is very uncertain. If you also like to bet on Formula 1 races, you must visit popular bookmakers. 

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