Is there a need to present flowers to customers? Presents as tools for promoting the car business


The issue of promotion in the automotive business has always been particularly acute. Promoting those goods and services that are not bought every day is much harder. Before buying a car, people make more than one decision. This is a long cycle of making a purchase decision; the buyer thinks, compares offers, asks a lot and is interested.

In order for the buyer to get to you, you should take into account a lot of details and even the most unobvious details. Today we want to talk about the little things that give the buyer and business owner a sense of premium and special treatment.


You may have noticed more than once that premium brands give their customers presents at the time of purchase. Flowers are a great souvenir for a car buyer. Just imagine a luxurious bouquet adorns an already pleasant day in the life of a newly-made car owner! Only a meaningful compliment will definitely create a sense of premium and a unique attitude to the buyer, especially if it’s something special, like an eternal rose, like Remember, you are not only selling the product itself; you are selling feelings, emotions, health (in case with roses)  and dreams coming true. Working in the field of car sales is a job of fulfilling desires!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving flowers is a beautiful and pleasant souvenir for the client at the moment. How to work strategically and for a long time? Here is an example.

At a time when the level of competition in the market is growing stronger and stronger every day, it is not always adequate to stand out for the quality of goods and competent service. In times of high social responsibility, the public pays attention to those brands who care about people, the environment, and the animal world. Corporate social responsibility projects allow the brand to show its active civic position towards those who need support. If you are thinking about taking up corporate social responsibility, be sure to try it! To benefit others and grow a business at the same time is cool!

Therefore, when giving flowers to your client, do not forget about strategic planning in PR.

Calendar as a gift

What can you give in addition to flowers when a customer buys a new car? A person who uses a paper calendar in the office or his office is a person who is most likely the target audience of the auto business. Such people work a lot. Calendars – large wall-mounted, pocket-sized, voluminous in the form of houses can be a great reminder of you. Come up with several options and work on the design of calendars. It should reflect the corporate identity or core values of the online store. For example, you can place a company slogan on the calendar.

Such a souvenir will be a great addition to a luxurious bouquet. And if the bouquet, like the calendar, is made in a corporate style, the client will appreciate and remember you twice!

A surprise gift for the holiday

If you keep track of important events in your customers’ lives and congratulate them on holidays, you will definitely get it back three times in the form of brand support and word of mouth. A small branded gift for a birthday or new year is a great way to remind yourself and attract attention! It’s pretty expensive, but one hundred per cent worth it! Suppose your company has enough funds to send congratulatory bouquets and presents to significant events for customers. In that case, this is really a premium level of service that will be remembered.

Developing a car business is difficult, but using competent strategies and excellent tools is possible. Success!

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