Isn’t it time we had an F1 online bingo game?


In the past few years, there has been a real explosion in the variety of bingo games offered by the ever-increasing number of online sites. A similar increase in the number of people drawn from all walks of life and interests to play these games has accompanied this.

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They cover a vast range of themes which range from standard 75 or 90 ball bingo to games linked with TV shows, including Deal or No Deal. An even more recent innovation has been the arrival of Slingo. This is a combination of slots games and bingo, which features many more themes, including a number linked to sports like horse racing and even fishing.

So it’s a little surprising that we are still waiting for a bingo game designed to appeal to a sport that has about 50 million fans worldwide. Among those, there must be a very considerable number who might be interested in bingo games you can play for real money if any should appear online. After all, the existing sporting-related games show that there can be clear links made between the worlds of sport and bingo. The love of competition among sports followers also suggests that they might like to compete in the bingo arena too – and there are plenty of ways that they could bring together motor racing and bingo to great effect.

One of the most obvious links is the numbers that the drivers may choose and which stick with them throughout their racing careers. While it probably wouldn’t be possible to refer to the drivers directly, for example, with the online bingo caller saying “Out on his own, Max Verstappen number one”, the individual numbers could be delivered as F1 cars roaring across the screen.

This would add hugely to the drama of the online bingo experience. Perhaps not as thrilling as the final run-in on the last lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, but exciting, nonetheless.

201306 Silverstone” (CC BY 2.0) by LuckyNoddle

Another element of motor racing that might slot in quite neatly with a themed bingo game could be the use of the grid. After all, what else is a bingo card apart from a grid with numbers pre-marked on it? This could work even more neatly if we stuck with the idea of the appropriately numbered cars pulling up on their matching numbers as they are called.

Then there’s the seasonality of motor racing. With Grand Prix races taking place during the season approximately every two weeks during the season in different parts of the world, it could be the perfect reason to have a bingo game to match. So, for example, for the week of the British Grand Prix, the game could have a Silverstone theme or an Italian one for Monza.

With more and more people now following Formula 1, this is certainly something for the sport to consider. And, as one that is also focused on maximising both revenue and exposure, we won’t be surprised if it does.

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