Kicking it at Kendo

Daniel and Max learn the ancient art of Kendo in Tokyo ahead of the Japanese GP weekend.


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Japan is undoubtedly one of our favourite destinations on the planet, a country with an amazingly rich culture, fabulous food and a flat-out bonkers take on pretty much everything from robot restaurants to cafés where you can have an owl sit on you while having a beverage – well, of course.

But, in dreaming up something for our drivers to do in Tokyo this week, we resisted the temptation to make them do anything offbeat or even too classically calming (we figured that racing drivers, who generally have the attention span of a guppy, would react badly to a tea ceremony or nice origami session), and instead we made them hit people with big sticks. Kind of a no-brainer really.

So, just before we headed for Suzuka we brought Max and Daniel to the Konnou Dojo in Shibuya for a training session in the 300-year-old martial art of Kendo. That’s the really cool one with the masks and body armour and the massive bamboo swords.

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