So your kid loves racing? Let’s pick a safe first car

Loves racing – picking a car for your kid

If your kid has followed in your footsteps and developed a love of watching F1 when the time comes to get them their first car, you might be feeling a bit nervous about their safety. Most kids don’t copy what they see on TV, but it’s essential to make sure that they get a ride that will allow them to have fun and nurture their love of automobiles while being sensible and safe against the risk of road accidents. 

If that sounds like something you need a little help with, make sure to look at the following first-time cars.

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VW Golf

The VW golf is a classic first car. It’s practical, has excellent performance, and (especially the GTI models) can be great fun. The GTI model can be as fun as most sports cars, but if you are prioritizing safety, you might want to just pick a standard model as it can be a bit too quick, especially for an inexperienced driver. VWs are safe, though, and they are incredibly reliable. This is the first car that your kid can use and enjoy for 10+ years if they treat it well. Because they’re widely available, they don’t have to be too expensive either.

Honda Civic

The Civic is another car known for its practicality. It is efficient and reliable, a great everyday ride, but it can also be enjoyable. Possibly the most fun Civic is the Civic Si, which is a manual-only car that has 200 horsepower provided by a naturally aspirated four-cylinder, depending on the generation. Civics are also affordable and cheap to repair. A pre-owned 2012 civic automatic coupe will put you back about $9000, according to House of Cars.

Volvo V70 R

No list of safe cars would be complete without a Volvo. Their whole brand is based on safety, which might feel a little boring to your racing-loving teen; however, the V70 R is fun to drive. It has all-wheel drive and a 300 horsepower 5-cylinder engine, as well as lots of space for road trips with friends.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

If you trust your kid a little more with their driving ability, the MX 5 Miata might be one of the safest sporty cars out there. It’s incredibly fun to drive and will definitely help to improve your driving ability, but has a small enough engine to not be overpowering and to help keep your teen safe. It may foster their love for driving, but many Miata owners have found that they’re so fun they can ruin other cars for you.

Ford Fiesta

A ford fiesta is fun, safe, and easy to get repair parts for. It’s also convenient in many different situations and has an excellent fuel economy, so it can help to stretch out your teen’s petrol budget, unlike an old Golf or Miata. It also has good value – you can find a great fiesta for under $15,000, and this will likely last for many years and accumulate many miles. What’s more, they also have good speakers, which will help with road trips. That being said, it can cost a bit to maintain.

Indeed, there are many cars available for your first-time driver kid. But you should also understand that not all first-time vehicles are perfect for their safety needs. Although most cars have safety features and other automotive technologies, they may be insufficient to keep your child safe while driving on the road. 

For instance, one of the overlooked safety features that your kid’s first car should have been tinted windows. Typically, a vehicle with tinted windows comes with some safety benefits. When your child’s car doesn’t have window tints, there’s a high possibility that the headlights or streetlights may distract them while driving, leading you to swerve and get into an accident. As such, you need to pick a car with tinted windows to ensure your kid’s safety. Moreover, when your child gets into a car accident, there’s a likelihood that the glass will shatter during the collision and cause some injuries. However, with a tinted car, your child will have an added layer of protection against shattered glasses when an accident happens. 

So, if you’re concerned about your kid’s safety on the road, it’s best to pick a vehicle with tinted windows. If the car you choose doesn’t have one, get its windows tinted by a reputable service provider like Rm Window Tint. 


Choosing the first-time car for your kids can be challenging, especially if you need to consider their safety. However, if you keep the information mentioned above in mind, you’ll know which vehicle will work best for your child’s driving needs.

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