Legal and medical actions you should take in case of a road accident


A road accident is an unfortunate occurrence that takes place on a daily basis among drivers. If we look at the United States only, we’ll realize that in this country only, over six million collisions occur every year and are rising.

And that’s a devastating fact for anyone to come to terms with. Sadly, hardly anyone can predict these things, and what’s even worse is that many people do not know how to act after something like this happens, and this refers to both minor fender benders and serious crashes that occur.

That’s why it would be smart to find an informative guide and advice, just like this one, that will help you properly prepare for these inconveniences. If you want to know exactly what to do after a road accident, scroll below to learn more!

Check On Everyone To See If They’re Safe

If you were alone when this accident occurred, you’re first supposed to check if everyone who travelled with you is doing okay. Several steps need to be taken in these types of situations, and they include the following:

  1. Exit your car if you’re able to, and make sure to turn on the emergency flashers for your own safety
  2. If you’ve been part of a serious collision and you’ve noticed that people are injured, please get in touch with 911 immediately so they can provide you and the passengers with the necessary help. This rule applies even to minor incidents because you are obligated to contact the police so you can get a police report right away
  3. If you’ve been in a minor fender bender, then I would advise you to contact the non-emergency police hotline and speak to them
  4. If you have flares, you should set them up around the scene to notify other drivers about the problem. If that’s not the case, then turn on the hazard lights
  5. Do not leave the scene at any cost, but instead, wait for law enforcement to arrive

Do You Have A Lawyer?

Some of you do not believe that having an attorney can greatly help in these situations; however, these professionals can help you speed up the recovery process and defend yourself if you’ve been the one who caused this accident.

I know you are probably very worried about the additional expenses you’ll have if you hire one; however, remember that most solicitors work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they will receive some cash only if you receive a settlement.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to do this at any time. I know that it can sometimes be hard to find one; however, if you live in the state of Texas, consider yourself lucky because I’ve heard that there are many super-skilled and adroit car accident lawyers in San Antonio that can help you go through this process. Don’t forget that if you want everything to go smoothly when it comes to this, then you won’t be able to do so without the assistance of an experienced legal expert.

Exchange Information

Suppose you’ve concluded successfully that every passenger is unharmed and safe. In that case, the next thing you should do is go to the other driver and exchange contact, phone number and insurance information with that individual.

What are the most essential pieces of information that must be exchanged? According to my findings, you should exchange this sort of information:

  • Full name and contact information
  • Policy number and insurance company details
  • Every important detail about the vehicle, such as the type, model, make and colour
  • Driver’s license and license plate number
  • Location of the crash

I would like to remind you that you should never discuss who is at fault and who isn’t regarding this incident. When I say this, I refer to your conversation with the driver and other passengers.

Why is that important and necessary? Well, that’s because once you file an insurance claim, the adjuster who’ll be going through your claim is going to figure out who is the culprit based on an inspection of the car that’s been damaged, the information you’ve given (this includes the information that was provided by the third party as well), and any important documentation, such as police report, statement, etc.

Don’t Forget To Document The Scene

If you feel relatively okay after the incident, it’s time to record and document as many things as possible about the crash by using the camera from your cell phone. You shouldn’t be taking pictures only, but recording videos too, if possible.

You have to check the impact on the automobile. Was it on the driver’s side, front side, or rear? The best way you can determine that is by taking pictures of the entire vehicle and close-up photographs of the damages that both your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle sustained.

Once you’re done with that, you’re supposed to record the date and time of the collision and ensure you’ve taken pictures/videos of the crash scene, including property damage and skid marks.

Now, one thing that often gets overlooked in these instances: is the position of the vehicles on the streets and around the incident. People frequently forget how pivotal this information actually is because it helps the adjusters re-create the entire incident when you report the claim.

Begin The Claims Process

It doesn’t matter who caused this incident – you or the other party. What’s important is to contact your car insurance company as soon as you can and let them know you’ve been in a road accident. Remember that it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll file a car insurance claim with the other driver’s insurance or your auto insurance company.

Apart from that, you can also file a car insurance claim without actually filing a police report by giving your insurer some basic info regarding the crash so you can open a claim.


Many of you feel lost, overwhelmed and confused whenever something like this happens; however, it’s important to consider all these steps to protect your rights properly.

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