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luck and max verstappen

Formula 1 is known to be a truly demanding sport, at least in a physical sense. However, in Baku this year we could see a good preparation to deal with tricky situations is crucial. And this season is testing the tempering of two divers: Max Verstappen and Stoffel Vandoorne. Two names that said to be the main characters of an uphill season.

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2017 was set to be the year Max Verstappen would bright more than ever. And the season certainly started quite well for the Dutch racer with a podium in China. However, nobody expected such a turning of the events. In Bahrain, the young driver would lose any chance to get another podium due to a brake failure. Russia gave him a break before the storm came in Barcelona, the same circuit that brought him to the front page news last year. However, this time, his race finished before turn two. Monaco would get him back to the points, but the rough patch was yet to come.

Canada, Azerbaijan and Austria would become the three-in-a-row retirements, doom and gloom momentum that frustrated the Dutch talent. Especially when his teammate got five podiums in a row.

The young Red Bull Racing driver is the second driver in terms of least driven miles, just after Fernando Alonso. A situation that seems to be getting his nerves while casts the rumours regarding his future. Fed by the yet-to-know Ferrari driver’s future. Nevertheless, figures from Milton Keynes rapidly deny such rumours. Verstappen will wear the Austrian team’s overall at least until 2019.

The young Red Bull Racing driver is the second driver in terms of least driven miles, just after Fernando Alonso.

Pilar Celebrovsky

2019 is the year by which Stoffel Vandoorne’s hopes to perform at his very best. The newcomer is living his worst season ever. He still does not know what it feels to score a point, let alone to be on the podium. McLaren reliability problems and new regulations which make Stoff feel uncomfortable are all a giant Achilles heel for the young racer. Not only has he to adapt to a new single-seater but also to try to beat his teammate, a double world champion. This obviously doesn’t help Vandoorne’s statistics.

In Silverstone, Alonso’s teammate was on the edge of the points and proved a little improvement for the MCL2 unit power. In Hungary, the Belgian will have another chance not only to qualify better than Fernando (letting penalisation aside) but also to get his first points for an outsider team that is running out of time for developing a competitive car.

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