Mark Webber’s love for watches and motorsport


Mark Webber is a legend of the sport, a true Formula 1 gentleman respected by racing fans and professionals all around the world. We’re honoured to have him speak to us about his relationship with Rolex, and what the sport of Formula 1 needs today.

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What are you most excited about in Formula 1 this season?

There’s a lot to look forward to from the sport this year and I’m intrigued to see how it all unfolds. I hope it goes deep into the season – I really believe it will. The management changes at Ferrari are good; I think it puts them in good stead to take the fight to Mercedes on a more consistent basis and we’ve already seen how intense the competition is going to be. Plus, it is exciting to watch Charles Leclerc at Ferrari; we haven’t had such a promising young driver promoted to a top team for some time.

Another fascinating storyline over the coming year will be whether Lewis Hamilton can continue to break records and strive for Michael Schumacher’s seven world championships. We also have some exciting rookies in the line-up – Alex Albon at Toro Rosso, Lando Norris at McLaren, and George Russell at Williams.

My routine is still a busy one, but nowadays it is much more in my control.

Mark Webber

How has your understanding and respect for Rolex developed over time and since joining the Rolex family?

Rolex champions high-performance, innovation, and excellence, all values which align with the pinnacle of motorsport – Formula 1 is the ultimate engineering race. It is an absolute honour to be part of the Rolex family. The brand is synonymous around the world for effortless precision and timelessness. Rolex has always supported the most dedicated, high achieving athletes and the legacy that these great people stand for endorses the fact that Rolex is clearly world-class. In my role as a Rolex Testimonee, I’m fortunate to be able to talk about two of my greatest passions – watches and motorsport, and their strong association – with equally passionate people. Personally, to be involved with Rolex is a privilege.

How important is it for brands like Rolex to be associated with championships such as Formula 1?

Rolex’s association with Formula 1 displays and reinforces the brand’s commitment to excellence and motorsport on a global scale. Time has been such a huge part of motorsport, which is why outstanding brands have always been very keen to align themselves with top-flight motorsport. Rolex has a passion for innovation with no room for complacency or weakness in design, something they have successfully championed throughout the brand’s history.

Do you believe that partnerships between luxury watches and Formula 1 will continue further into the future?

The synergies between motor sport and watchmaking are extremely close – in order to be successful in both industries, you have to be world-class. It goes without saying that timing is at the heart of motorsport. The drivers, teams and event organizers live by time, whether we are designing a car or up against the split-seconds on the stopwatch during a race.

Racing is timing – the sport has always been, and will continue to be, a fight against the clock.

How does your routine differ today compared to during the height of your racing career?

My routine is still a busy one, but nowadays it is much more in my control. I take time to do what I want to do, spending time enjoying other pursuits and ventures – I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels. The important thing is to ensure that you make time for yourself and for your family.

My personal agenda is certainly a lot less regulated by the Formula 1 calendar nowadays, but I do attend a number of races throughout the season, both in my capacity as a Rolex Testimonee, as well as a TV pundit. It’s great to still be involved in the sport that has defined my career and to be able to talk to so many people about it – sharing my knowledge and experience with a wider audience.

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