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Mastering the masterpieces. Art in Dimensions is an international platform to promote visual artists across the United States, South America and Europe. With over 12 years of experience in working with artists and galleries, they have both an imaginative and commercial eye to identify outstanding talent and excellent art, especially when it comes to racing. Quality does matter here, not quantity – some of the artists produce only a few masterpieces in their lifetime, and the company knows it. Founder and President Elina T. Htun always had her eye on motorsport, so she tells us everything there is to know about artworks in Formula 1 today.

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Our mission basically is to reach out and build a cultural, emotional and visual art bridge between our local creators and the rest of the world, maintaining an open dialogue, sharing the news, keeping our audiences educated and informed at all times.

This year we are celebrating 15 years since our team introduced the local public to the automotive art as an important and representational art form. Through these artworks, we have brought to the public a specific visual manner, an artistic fashion, which is important for the automobile design evolution. Our Grand Prix Race historic moments are a way of paying a tribute to this fabulous sport, its fantastic history and all the achievements over the years. Two very active supporters of this mission are Andre Fafara (artist of MB & Ferrari Collection) and, recently, artist Gil Bruvel (a sculpture artist).

As difficult as it may seem, the artist should always remain true to the historic design evolution.

Personally, I do think that arts and motorsport share a common factor: innovative creativity, passion for absolute perfection, hard work and, obviously, strong determination. All this makes it much easier for us to work and collaborate with the racing industry.


As we all know, the creators of automotive art are the historians who transpose the evolution of car design, reflect the important momentums of motorsport history, share the crucial automotive contributions to our social life.

Creating a painting or a sculpture of any automobile or racecar of the 1920s, with its simple lines, was technically not that complicated. Today, it’s a real challenge to portray the new racing cars – you can imagine the hard work that goes into that. However, as difficult as it may seem, the artist should always remain true to this historic design evolution and keep the artworks as technically fresh as it is possible.

Just 10 years ago painters, sculptors, photographers all shared the fame and appreciation of their contribution and tribute paid to this sport through art. The situation has changed. Unfortunately, today the automotive art sector, in any form of representation, is in many places kept outside the motorsport society circle. Almost no visual artists partake in the high-end events, basically, no automotive art exhibits are added to the schedules. That’s why our team salutes all the support of few GP drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, who took upon them the initiative to create art programs and share their time with youth groups just before the race events.

Let’s hope the two worlds of arts and motorsport can manage to “revitalise” their artistic and business relationship soon. After all, there is a lot of innovative work that can be done here.



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