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Global Reach Across Multiple Platforms

Spanning across multiple platforms including digital, print, tablet, email & social media, Paddock magazine maintains its dialogue with the evolving global motorsports business market and consumer, recognizing today’s modern opinion leader uses multiple channels to communicate. Print editions distribution includes Europe, Middle East, United States, Canada, Australia, and South East Asia & South America.

Paddock magazine has an expected print run of 12,000 copies per edition. Paddock magazine is aimed at exclusive readers involved in the business of high-end motorsport series, with an emphasis on Formula 1. Over a third of copies are sent out to subscribers and potential clients, with a further 25% distributed at selected locations and events. We aim to distribute magazines to some Formula 1 Grand Prix races, top five star hotels and private aviation companies during racing weekends.

Paddock Magazine’s global footprint

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Print 12,000 50,285
Social Media 27,296
Email 40,644
Tablet 3,452
Total Reach 133,677