Engage our audience with interactive units

Tablet devices have reinvented how we tell stories, how consumers interact with our content, and how advertisers connect with our audiences, all while maintaining the design fidelity and engagement of a print magazine. They also offer complete portability: Paddock Magazine’s content will be everywhere our readers go.

One of the largest Tablet presence of any Motorsports Publisher

3,000 to 4,000 monthly downloads

 25,000+ downloads to date of Paddock Magazine Tablet App

High engagement and satisfaction proven in 2 Paddock Magazine Tablet surveys

 Readers are spending an average of 40 minutes

 Overall satisfaction is extremely high, with 88% satisfied

 User friendly features lead to high reader engagement

 Readers are seeking even more slideshows, video, and interactive content

Interactive features include

Portrait and Landscape mode

Ads with five links per page

Multi page slideshows

Info hotspots

    Tablet rate card

     2,000 – a base rate for portrait & landscape mode advertisement. No pdf replicas are accepted. Advertisers can include up to 5 unique URLS per ad unit. Due to OS compatibility, all URL’s cannot go to every destination. The Apple iOS does not allow for any Adobe Flash content to be displayed.

       500 Audio Only Ad opportunity with up to 3 embedded audio or narration tracks (totalling up to 2 minutes). Includes 1 link.
       1,000 Slideshow  Ad opportunity featuring up to 10 photo images. Includes up to 3 links that can be placed on any static
    (non-interactive) page areas and which can each drive to a unique URL.
       1,000 Video  Ad opportunity with a 60-second video cached in the device. Can play full-screen or embedded in the page. Includes 1 link.
       1,500 Hotspots  Ad opportunity with up to 5 hotspots that expand to reveal information when tapped. The hotspot can include text or flat images. Includes up to 3 links, which can each drive to a unique URL.
       1,500 Scolling Ad  Ad opportunity featuring 2-4 pages of smooth-scrolling creative. Includes up to 4 links (maximum of 1 link per page), which can each drive to a unique URL.
       3,500 Path Finder  Ad opportunity that takes readers on a visual journey of product discovery. A product-related icon travels around the ad page(s), revealing product attributes as it moves. Can be up to 3 pages total. Includes 1 link.
       4,500 Customizable 360  Ad opportunity showing 360° revolution view of a single product, with the ability to change colours and backgrounds. Includes up to 3 backgrounds and 3 links, which can each drive to a unique URL.
       6,000 Virtual Tour  Ad opportunity with full interactivity offering a self-guided experience. Includes full 360° rotation of a product with up to 5 informational hotspots. Includes up to 5 links (not available within videos or rotating objects), which can each
    drive to a unique URL.
       TBC Custom Advertising  Prices for production and space/media quoted based upon the scope of the request.

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