Overview provides original and unique coverage of the major motorsports business categories – executive travel, corporate hospitality, sponsorship.

From desktop to mobile and video, our content spans every device and every occasion – connecting you with consumers in the context that makes your messages work best.

Our website is also suitable for luxury goods and services providers. With dozens of new stories each month, offers advertisers a largely unduplicated audience to extend their reach to their customers. Since its launch in 2008, has been developing and expanding all areas of its content in line with technological advances, visitor numbers and demands. A dedicated website team collaborates with the Paddock print team to produce all original content on the site and to expand coverage of features and news stories from the print edition. uses responsive design in order to be compatible on mobile phones, tablets and smart televisions. This enables ads to be far more impactful than on a standard website. You can also tailor these banner ads so that a different ad appears for mobile users to the ad that appears for desktop users. If you want to target your banner ads by device, different sizes of banners will need to be provided.

240,000 page impressions per month

45,000 web monthly unique users

Dwell time 6 minutes

Pages per user 4

82% Male, 18% Female

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      Cost per Mille

      Leaderboard 52.00   72.00   78.00
      Rectangle Ad   49.00   68.00   73.00
      Ad in Po-Up   69.00   96.00   103.00
      Floating Ad   59.00   82.00   88.00
      Layered Ad   89.00   124.00   134.00
      Corner Peel Ad   55.00   77.00   82.00
      Banner Ad   33.00   46.00   50.00
      Ad in Exit Pop-Up   49.00   68.00   73.00

      Cost per Day

      Leaderboard 22.00 29.00 33.00
      Rectangle Ad 20.00 28.00 30.00
      Ad in Po-Up 24.00 33.00 36.00
      Floating Ad 23.00 32.00 34.00
      Layered Ad 31.00 43.00 47.00
      Corner Peel Ad 26.00 36.00 38.00
      Banner Ad 19.00 26.00 28.00
      Ad in Exit Pop-Up 20.00 28.00 30.00

        Advertising options


        Leaderboard ad

        Our custom Leaderboard size is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high. This is a full-size header banner which is be used on our webpage, intended to build brand awareness. Your advertisement will appear at the bottom of the preview of the first article.


        Medium rectangle ad

        The Medium rectangle ad is a very popular ad format to use and is able to provide excellent visibility. It‘s easy to get noticed and also allows text to wrap around or flow down by the side. Your advertisement appears on the right hand side following our ‚Archives‘ button. The banner is 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high.


        Pop-up ad

        Pop-ups are basically the opening of a layer to display advertisements on the top of the content. It gives advertisers a good opportunity to brand their products or services. We offer custom sizes for this option up to 900 pixels wide by 500 pixels high.


        Sticky/floating ad

        A floating ad is a type of rich media Web advertisement that appears uninitiated, superimposed over a user-requested page.The most basic floating ads simply appear over the Web page, either full screen or in a smaller rectangular window.They all provide means of escape, such as a close button. More sophisticated versions can come in any shape or size and may include sound, animation, and interactive components. Floating ads grab the viewer’s attention and tend to be more interesting to view than other formats. It also generates a click-through rate similar to the rates for pop-up ads. Although the floating ads don’t necessarily generate more clicks than pop-ups, they are thought to be more memorable and have a greater branding effect as a result.