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Formula 1 social media index is a ranking table that measures different Formula 1 race team’s performance in the social media platforms. Every individual race team including McLaren, Mercedes, Williams and Ferrari has their own official social channels, which they utilise to interact with the social audience.

With the increasing efforts of interaction through the social media platforms, the level of competition has reached new heights. Among all the different racing teams, Mercedes holds a significant position in having a good number of followers on social media and with this it has also ranked 3rd in the social media index.


The Formula 1 social media index takes a lot of things into consideration while preparing the ranking list of teams involved in its World Championship. Therefore being on the 3rd position in the social presence ranking list is a great achievement for Mercedes team. Mercedes has a good number of followers all around the world for the quality of products that they deliver as well as their interaction with the common people through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others.

The team’s interaction through Facebook is quite significant as most of the social media users use it on a regular basis. The page of Mercedes looks well-organised and planned with lots of images and videos of their cars models in action. Their posts are always buzzing among the followers, they posts 2-3 times a day as on an average, through different social media channels.

Moreover, there are also promotional videos in some occasions that are posted on various channels for a particular campaign or for the launch of a new product. The Mercedes team also uses different types of hash tags for special purpose that becomes popular for quite a long period of time. Some of the famous hash tags are #MidweekMotivation and #MBphotopass which attract significant number of followers to interact regularly. In the recent days, Instagram has been the trendiest platform for Mercedes as it posts around 6-7 posts daily with an average 80,000 likes per post.

Mercedes has been continuously widening its platform for social media interaction, through their channels in LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. The effects of their social interaction can be clearly identified by observing the likes, comments and shares on their posts. Mercedes’ vibrant interactions has resulted it to be 3rd in the overall ranking of global brands just behind Discovery network and MTV music television.


The strategies of Mercedes in the social media are noteworthy. It always makes its presence felt among the users of social media, which enables it to gain such a significant number of followers in every social media channel. The evaluation of its multimedia posts includes photos, videos and audios providing huge scores for Mercedes that reflects on the rankings of Formula 1 social media index. Moreover, the scores given by the judges also accounts positively on the ranking system. The overall observations clearly show that the Mercedes team is constantly holding its brand heritage value through its interactions on social media.

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