The Mercedes – Simplex

The Mercedes Simplex from 1902 is the great-grandfather of all racing cars and supersport cars. His technical innovation is considered as a quantum leap in regards to automotive development. Mercedes-Benz Classic brings four historic Simplex models on the legendary hill climb from Nice to La Turbie; a place where the Simplex achieved his first race win in 1902.

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The Mercedes Simplex 60 PS is an early example of Mercedes-Benz’s unique tradition of luxury class automobiles. This spacious and luxurious touring saloon from 1904 is from the private collection of Emil Jellinek, whose daughter Mercedes gave her name to the Stuttgart-based automotive brand.

Presented in 1903, the Mercedes Simplex 60 PS followed in the innovative footsteps of the Mercedes 35 hp, which Jellinek had started to develop at the beginning of 1900. Today this first vehicle to bear the name Mercedes still ranks as the first modern motor car.


Advanced high-performance engine: a large-displacement four-cylinder unit with overhead inlet valves.
Highly efficient honeycomb radiator.
The long wheelbase and low centre of gravity.

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