Mongrip and Senna brand launch a limited edition of bracelets


On December 6th, 2019, at the Automobile Club of Monaco, the Monegasque brand presented the fascinating bracelet collection MONGRIP ™ LEGEND to the international press and started worldwide sales.

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Ayrton Senna’s 1993 European Grand Prix Donington Park first lap is considered by most Motorsport experts as the greatest of all times in Formula 1: confronted with the slippery and wet track of the English circuit, he epically climbed from fifth place to leadership, confirming his genius and talent.

25 years ago Ayrton Senna left us. As a tribute to this three-time Formula 1 champion, last Friday (December 6th) at the Automobile Club of Monaco the International press presentation of the MONGRIP™and SENNA brand partnership took place, as well as the official launch of the prestigious bracelets limited edition, made from a tyre mounted on the McLaren MP4/8 with which the pilot triumphed in the memorable English Grand Prix. 161 are the pieces of the brand-new collection MONGRIP™ LEGEND honouring the number of Formula 1 races Ayrton Senna competed.

During the event, Bruno Senna, Ayrton Senna’s nephew, and Giancarlo Medici the CEO of MONGRIP™ and Italian entrepreneur, together with his business partner and Brazilian pilot Augusto Farfus, made the announcement of the worldwide sales of the first batch of 41 exclusive bracelets, 41 as the total Ayrton Senna’s victories in F1. As of December 7th, the product is available at La Joaillerie at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo. And for the countless motorsport lovers from other countries and admirers of the Brazilian driver, there is also a great opportunity: beginning on December 12th, at 12 AM, 12 unique pieces can be purchased from anywhere in the world, with free shipping, from the site The number “12” is another symbolic reference of the brilliant career of Senna: it accompanied him both onboard the Lotus in 1985, and also on the McLaren, with whom he won his first world championship in 1988.

What I like about MONGRIP™ is the passion and innovation they put in turning authentic racing relics into daily lifestyle accessories. They make more than just a fashion product, it’s an emotional experience.

Bianca Senna
CEO Senna Brand

We are glad to offer Ayrton’s fans something that they can wear and remember one of his career’s greatest moments,” said Bianca Senna, SENNA Brand CEO, and Ayrton Senna’s niece directly from São Paulo. The production process of the MONGRIP™ bracelet results from an exclusive patent. Each piece is unique, unrepeatable, original and a collectors’ item. This explains why each bracelet becomes exclusive by definition. Made from certified racing tyres, completely Made-in-Italy, these bracelets tout luxury finishes, such as 18 karat gold trim.

“What struck me with the MONGRIP™ Legend Senna Limited Edition is that they were able to source one of the most iconic tyres ever used by Senna in F1. The 1993 Donington Park Grand Prix is undeniably one of the most spectacular performances by Ayrton. I have many objects which remind me of my uncle, but none as particular as this bracelet that gives honour in a modern and elegant way,” explains Bruno Senna, also a professional race driver, during the press conference at the Automobile Club of Monaco, host of the famous Grand Prix at the same name. Senna’s career is also strongly linked to the Monaco race, which he won on six occasions, still occupying the top winner category.

As announced by Giancarlo Medici, the next step of MONGRIP™ will see the distribution of this innovative product at the most exclusive international stores starting from the first semester of 2020.

“MONGRIP™ is ambitiously seeking to become the most desired accessories for all Formula 1 and Motorsport enthusiasts, but also for those who appreciate elegance, attention to detail, and desire an object which reflects their personality. Every bracelet of the brand is an object full of meaning,” said Giancarlo Medici, CEO of the brand.

Price:  4,400

Available from: Mongrip

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