Inside Line Podcast: Monza

Monza Podcast
Monza podcast: so Mclaren is working overtime to secure an engine that Max Verstappen doesn’t want. Well, for those who understand the politics of Formula 1, you’ll agree that in this sport and business, the customer is NEVER king! Okay, at least in this era.
In this week’s episode, Mithila and Kunal look forward to the Temple of Speed at Monza (isn’t this a perfect name to attract the millennials?), a Vettel-Hamilton partnership at Ferrari that never will happen, how Fernando Alonso should consider Force India and how Force India could afford him and finally, how Vettel and Hamilton both now have Finnish wingmen in their championship battle.
Also, before you tune-in here, any guesses on which drivers will be gifted a tow by their team-mate?

Mithila Mehta is a travel blogger and, well, loves Formula 1. She co-hosts the Inside Line F1 Podcast, you can also read her travel stories on or follow her on Twitter – @mith_m
Kunal Shah is a former single-seater racer who works in the sports business industry. He pens his thoughts on F1 on his personal blog and co-hosts the Inside Line F1 Podcast. Catch him on Twitter too – @kunalashah
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